General Hospital Weekly Summary For June 17-21.

Saying too much.

TJ and Taylor bickered on their way to prom. He wanted to be with Molly until his date pointed to Rafe and Molly kissing. TJ and Taylor got drunk and had sex. The next day, Molly sadly said goodbye to Rafe as Silas came to collect him. Not long after, Silas changed his mind and sent Rafe back. He decided to stick around and help with Danny’s treatment, which left everyone confused by his sudden compassion. Meanwhile, Britt and Taylor yapped about how it would take more than sex to keep a man. Over at the hospital, Brad tried firing Ellie to keep her away from Britt’s file but was then forced to rehire her. Felix decided to distract Brad with promises of sex so Ellie could look for clues.

Kiki and Michael bonded over their deranged parents. This led to making out but they pulled apart. Over at the Quartermaines, AJ and Tracy competed to get Franco on their sides at ELQ. He was more sympathetic to Tracy. Kiki arrived and was introduced to the family. Michael was shocked to be informed that she was his cousin. As everyone started explaining and arguing, Morgan awkwardly discovered that his brother had been raped. Michael went for a jog. He later got a message that his credit card limit had been reached. He guessed his brother was using it and rushed home, only to catch Kiki with her top off. Morgan caught them together and the bickering began.

Ava introduced herself to Duke. He worried that she was related to the other Jeromes but she claimed to have no idea who they were. When she met up with Franco, she confronted him about what he did on “The Chew” but offered to keep it a secret if he would unite with her.

Sonny warned Carly that if Olivia died, she would too. Dante let him in to see his mom and tipped off Anna that Carly was involved in the shooting. Meanwhile, Alexis badgered Shawn until he admitted that he shot Olivia. He confessed to Carly that he’d confessed to Alexis. Carly worried that Anna would catch them discussing this. Anna showed up a second later and Shawn resisted confessing to her. He met up with Sonny to discuss options. Sonny hoped that he might delay confessing. Shawn went to the station anyway. The cops were already busy questioning Carly, who had blurted out that Sonny was not responsible.

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