General Hospital Weekly Summary For June 3-7.

Taking aim.

After some arguing, Sonny and Carly asked Shawn to kill Franco. Meanwhile, Ava visited Franco. He reminded her that Kiki wasn’t the only heir floating around. Diane dropped in but refused to defend him. Then she changed her mind for the money. It didn’t matter. Sonny bribed the DA to let Franco be released.

When Sam and Silas went to court to fight for Rafe, he noticed something was wrong with Danny. Sam refused to listen. Rafe assumed he’d be headed back with his uncle and decided to rip up his prom tickets so Molly could go with TJ. TJ was actually busy meeting Felix’s little sister, Taylor, who was in town for the summer. Later, Silas told Sam her kid had cancer. When Sam went home, her family and friends dropped by for the kid’s birthday party. It wasn’t a happy one. Patrick soon informed Sam that Danny likely had leukemia.

Britt moved into Sabrina’s and started ordering her around. Felix was not amused. The place was getting crowded since his sister Taylor moved in. Brad showed up to test Britt’s blood for her in order to keep her roommates off her trail. Meanwhile, after intercepting a call from Britt for Brad, Spinelli realized how he must have received his promotion.

Luke drank with Ava and they argued about her using Lauren as a cash cow. He suggested she make a deal with Tracy instead of AJ. Over at the Quartermaines, Michael told his father about Claudia’s death and tried to put it behind them. AJ and Tracy turned to arguing about Franco and his shares, the artist popped up with Shawn stalking after him. Ava soon joined them. She called Kiki about her shares. Kiki shut her down and started getting close to Michael. Morgan walked in on them as they were about to kiss. This led to the brothers fighting. Morgan decided that he and Kiki should look to her family for some help getting a place of their own. She went to the Quartermaines and walked into the middle of a fight between Franco, Ava and the family. Tracy and AJ offered Kiki a room and Franco vowed to have a relationship with his daughter. Meanwhile, after having no luck shooting Franco, Shawn told Carly about Danny being sick. She blamed Franco and was determined to kill him.

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