General Hospital Weekly Summary For May 27-31.

The big reveal.

The Quartermaine and Corinthos families discussed the mysterious invitations they received and contemplated going to the party. Sam and Spinelli went over to the Star to question Lulu about the party. She was clueless about everything, got upset and left as all of the other guests bustled in. Dante trailed after her and she started to remember Stavros. He and Helena had forced her into marrying him under the threat of killing her family and friends. She never consummated the marriage. All of her memories came flooding back. Back on the boat, the mystery man appeared and revealed that he was Franco. Sonny nearly shot him but he claimed that Jason could still be alive. He explained that he never actually raped Sam. Michael then explained to AJ that he had been raped in prison. Franco provided evidence that he never hired Carter to do that. He refused to reveal any more about Jason. Sam wanted to kill him but simply knocked him out instead. Franco was locked up.

Tracy and Luke continued to patch things up. She insisted that they remain strictly friends. Suddenly, he collapsed. She rushed him to the hospital. After some tests, a doctor explained that he may have liver damage. Tracy had to convince Luke to stay for more tests.

Morgan went off to try and win back all the money he owed his dad. Meanwhile, Ava informed Kiki that her father died recently. After she filled her in about Franco, she prodded her to sign her shares over to Tracy for a sum. Kiki refused. Later, after an argument with Michael, he opened up to her about his rape and asked her to help keep it from Morgan. Meanwhile, AJ tipped Ava off that Franco was still alive. She immediately went to see him in prison while Sonny and Carly began plotting to have the homicidal artist killed.

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