The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For June 3-7.


Rick couldn’t understand why Maya dumped him. Caroline tried distracting him to no avail. Meanwhile, Maya and Bill continued taunting each other but he clearly didn’t take her seriously. Maya went off to bicker with Caroline and warned her that she was not finished with Rick yet. They all went to the fashion show where Brooke was kicking up a stink by refusing to wear lingerie. When she wore a dress, the press assumed that she must have a man in her life again and started demanding a name. They weren’t getting one. Brooke begged Eric to help her again and they arranged to meet later. She set up her place to look like their honeymoon. He arrived. She begged some more. He still refused and ordered her to go to Bill with the truth. She kept begging. He kept refusing.

Steffy told Katie how much she wanted to have another baby with Liam. Katie spent so long advising her to be cautious that Steffy passed out. Katie took her to the hospital. The doctor discovered she was bleeding internally and her insides were too damaged for her to conceive again. Steffy went into denial and was unsure about what to do with her life. Katie tried to be comforting and told her Liam would understand. Steffy wasn’t so sure and wept. Meanwhile, Hope popped by to see Liam and blabbed about how great it would have been if they’d had a baby.

Katie and Bill played with Will until Brooke showed up. She was agitated and had a confession to make. Meanwhile, Thomas encouraged his mom to relax about Eric. Rick showed up and the three of them argued about Brooke’s latest behavior.

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