The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For May 27-31.

Second chances.

Rick told Maya he loved her. She pushed him away, terrified that Bill would send her to jail. She wouldn’t explain so Rick was confused. When Carter ran into her, she filled him in on everything that had happened. He gave her a kiss.

Brooke continued trying to convince Eric to dump Taylor and be with her. He kept refusing. She had a run-in with Taylor and they argued about their daughters. The shrink hoped that Brooke was channeling her desires onto someone other than Bill. Brooke arranged to meet Eric at the cabin. Donna was sure her plan would fizzle. When Brooke and Eric met up, he tried to resist but she kept putting the pressure on him until they kissed. He pulled away and asked her to come clean with Bill. Back in town, Donna confronted Bill about what happened with Brooke and they agreed to take the secret to their graves. Later, Bill lectured Taylor for getting his wife upset. Eric returned to pick Taylor up, but not before Pam could show off her lingerie and suggest they give her a line of her own.

Steffy returned to work. Everyone tried being nice but she continued to feel guilty about the accident. Hope paid her respects to Steffy, who immediately told her that the loss of the baby was not a chance for Hope to swan back in. As they argued over this, Bill encouraged Liam to try for more babies. Liam admitted that he was unsure and Hope had come around to see him. They had the familiar argument about the two women Liam loves.

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