The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary June 10 – 14.

Paternity test results were revealed, Fen decided to get stoned, and Chloe left Kevin…

Phyllis found Summer’s birth control pills and urged her not to rush into anything with Kyle. Jack picked up on something between Summer and Kyle when Phyllis announced she and Summer were moving back into the Abbott mansion. Phyllis suggested they trust their kids. Elsewhere, Nick opened Summer’s paternity test, which proved his DNA did not match hers. When he told Phyllis the truth, she couldn’t believe he’d lied about the test all those years ago. Phyllis realized why Nick came forward, because of Summer and Kyle.

On Fen’s graduation night, Michael admitted he still loved Lauren. They went to couples counseling and tried to work on their marriage. Fen had been disinvited to the popular kids’ party then agreed to hang out and get high with ‘the losers’.

Adam and Sharon admitted they weren’t good for each other. Sharon made plans with a man she’d met and thought they could have a good time together. Elsewhere, Anita planned to tell Adam about the baby, but Chelsea warned she’d disown her once and for all. Chelsea professed her love to Dylan but realized he still loved Avery. Later, after a talk with Avery, Dylan told Chelsea he loved her too.

Avery and Leslie opened their private firm and planned to look into Leslie’s father’s past for their first case. Another one of Neil’s stolen journal entries, this time about Devon and Tucker, went public online.

Chloe gave Kevin an alibi when Alex questioned him about a recent robbery. When she realized Kevin committed the crime, Chloe removed her wedding ring and moved out. She told Gloria Kevin’s disinterest in making an honest living had destroyed their marriage. Meanwhile, Vikki confided in Nikki and thought Billy, who’d been distant, had been having an affair. She later witnessed Billy hugging Chloe, unaware he’d been comforting her due to her breakup with Kevin.

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