The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary June 17 – 21.

Vikki threw Billy out, Fen lashed out at Lauren, and Phyllis convinced Kyle to go away with her…

Vikki accused Billy of sleeping with Chloe, which forced him to admit he’d been gambling again. Vikki believed he’d used gambling as an excuse to cover up the affair. She confided in Abby, who suggested Vikki confront Chloe. Vikki found Billy and Chloe together again. Though both tried to reassure her, Billy went one step further and asked Carmine to tell Vikki the truth – that he’d been gambling. Carmine remembered Billy warning him to keep his secret at all costs and insisted to Vikki that Billy hadn’t been gambling. Adam reacted the same way. Vikki kicked Billy out.

Dylan continued to be supportive of Chelsea and stunned her with a written proposal painted on his wall. Chelsea painted a ‘yes’ on the wall in response. Elsewhere, Kevin wanted Chloe back, who suggested he return the stolen goods. After he did, Alex got word from the owners and ordered a dust for fingerprints.

Carmine showed up at Lauren’s and kissed her. Fen witnessed it and pulled Carmine off Lauren. After Carmine left, Michael appeared and heard what happened. He ordered Fen not to trash talk Lauren, who admitted she’d made a mistake. Fen stormed off and confronted Carmine, who texted Lauren and promised to make Fen understand. When Michael and Lauren went out for dinner, Carmine sent champagne to their table. Michael privately warned Carmine to stay away from his family.

Devon continued to argue with Tyler at work and accused Lily of being obsessed with him. Neil picked up on it too and warned Lily not to make the same mistakes he had by ‘crossing the line’. Later, Leslie and Tyler read Gus’ will and found a photo of Rose, who Gus had left half of everything to. The inscription on the back by Rose, “I haven’t forgotten and never will,” had been used in a recent blog post about Neil. As Leslie and Neil discussed it someone took a photo of Neil.

Traci admitted to Jack that things weren’t good between her Steve and hadn’t been since Colleen died. Meanwhile, Phyllis reluctantly agreed to stay quiet about Summer’s paternity, for the time being, and promised Nick she’d monitor Summer and Kyle. Jack couldn’t go on a business trip with Phyllis and suggested she take Kyle. While Phyllis convinced Kyle to go, Nick and Avery made plans to marry in August.

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