The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary June 3 – 7.

Kevin let go of his business, Michael agreed to another chance and Dylan became suspicious…

Chloe got Kevin to sell Crimson Lights to Dylan for a fair price by revealing that Delia had been stealing. The fortune teller admitted to Chelsea that Adam paid her to push Chelsea to admit Adam was her baby’s father. Elsewhere, Adam shared his theories about the baby with Avery, and the two commiserated over Chelsea and Dylan. Chelsea appeared and argued with Adam, which caused her to become lightheaded. Adam took Chelsea to the hospital and called Dylan. When Dylan questioned Chelsea about the baby’s paternity she assured him the baby was his. While Chelsea confided to Chloe that she’d fallen in love with Dylan, Adam kissed Sharon, who nagged him about missing Chelsea.

At Lily’s surprise party, Tyler assured Cane he wanted to make sure Lily got home safely. After Cane and Lily celebrated in bed they saw an anonymous blog post, an excerpt from Neil’s stolen journal, about Lily straying from her marriage. Neil explained he wrote it many years prior and filled Lily in on the other posts. Kevin uncovered that the posts had been placed from the public computer at the Athletic Club then later stole some jewelry.

Billy stole cash from his restaurant’s register, made plans to join a poker game then later declined to go to a Newman party with Vikki. At the party, Victor announced that the family owned Newman again. After Nick announced his plans to marry Avery, who agreed to be his wife, Adam made a call and told someone everything had gone according to plan. Meanwhile, Phyllis moved back in with Jack, and Summer went to a clinic for birth control.

Michael became irked with Gloria for commenting on Carmine’s good looks after hearing Lauren had cheated. Phyllis appeared and urged Michael to give Lauren another shot. Elsewhere, Lauren warned Carmine to stay away for good and refused his gifts. Later, Michael agreed to give Lauren thirty days to see if they still had a marriage. Fen ignored his parents’ warnings and continued to talk to Carmine, who talked about his issues with a certain woman.

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