The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary May 27 – 31.

Chelsea talked to her doctor, Lily went home drunk, and Sharon wondered how things might have been…

Kevin was upset Chloe made plans to sell the coffeehouse to Dylan but agreed to think it over. Meanwhile, a psychic told Chelsea her baby’s father loved her and wanted the baby. Chelsea brought Dylan to the ultrasound and privately asked the doctor not to reveal the baby’s size. Adam admitted to Victor he offered to pay Chelsea’s doctor to reveal her conception date but was refused.

Sharon’s therapist told her to forget what she overhead from Nick about Summer’s paternity. She couldn’t shake the feeling if Summer hadn’t been Nick’s their life could’ve been different. Sharon tried to help Nick and Phyllis with Summer’s infatuation with an older guy by explaining what really happened between Cassie and Daniel. Summer thanked them for being honest with her.

Vikki walked away from Newman to concentrate on her marriage. Across town, Lauren asked Phyllis to talk to Michael on her behalf. Michael told Paul he planned to divorce Lauren the second Fen left for college. Though Michael asked Fen to stay away from Carmine, Fen confided in him again about his parents’ troubles. Carmine told Fen he believed he was strong enough to handle it if his parents got divorced and explained how his had stay together for his sake, which had been worse. After Fen told his parents not to stay together to benefit him, and was refused a reason as to why they were at odds, Michael told Lauren he planned to file for divorce immediately. Later, Fen met Carmine, and when Lauren appeared he noticed the look his mother and Carmine exchanged.

Devon told Neil about Tucker’s London job offer, which he turned down in order to take over for Lily at Jabot. Since Tyler agreed to stay, Devon wanted to keep an eye on him and didn’t like the way Tyler looked at Lily. Cane told Lily he had to go out of town but shared with Neil his plans for a surprise party for her. Everyone helped Cane set up the surprise and wondered why Lily hadn’t answered Cane’s calls. Later, after having drinks together to celebrate Tyler staying at Jabot, Lily and Tyler drunkenly stumbled into Lily’s place arm-in-arm as everyone yelled ‘surprise’!

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