Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For July 12.

A Duel Or Something.

Eric is uncomfortable when Kristen shows up in his office to tell him she has something that could shock a lot of people. She tells him that she’s a lousy Catholic and needs some spiritual nourishment. Kristen vents about her family and then Marlena. “If you know you’re going to Hell, what’s the point in trying?” she asks. They discuss redemption. She feels free of all duty and responsibility. He probes. After more theological debating, the DiMera angles for an invitation to the opening ceremony for the school. She wants to meet the bishop and promises not to cause a scene. Ciara runs in with her friend Jamie. They chat about the new school changing lives. The priest takes the children for a tour. “What the hell are you looking at?” Kristen asks Jesus. She argues with him about Eric and yells that this is all his fault until she chucks her purse at him.

At the hospital, Kate is concerned that Rafe is still sleeping. Cameron explains that sleep is his defense mechanism. Outside of the room, Abe complains to Kayla about how bad things are at the department thanks to the Bernardi situation. Kate and Cam join them and they discuss Rafe until the young doctor runs off for lunch. Kate tells them that Rafe asked her why Sami tried to kill him. Kay has a shit fit. A nurse comes by the say Rafe’s waking up again. They join him. He recognizes each of them and then asks. “Why, why did Sami shoot me?”

Abby spots Chad in the pub and joins him. He’s leaving a message for Cam. She asks him not to and barks that this is her decision to make. He explains that he was actually planning to talk to him about moving into Casa DiMera. “Did you think I was going to challenge him to a duel or something?” he asks. Cameron shows up. Chad asks them both about his big move. They give some advice and then the doctor advises him again to get his head checked out after his fall.

Brent drops by Will’s place looking for Sonny, who left his watch in Brent’s car. Will’s uncomfortable to hear they were out together. Lucas shows up and hangs out with the baby. Once Brent goes, Lucas starts questioning his son about letting his man out at night ‘partying it up and whatever, whatever’. Will assures him they weren’t having sex; Sonny’s allowed to have a social life. His father is impressed that he’s so mature. “Your mother has like four kids and she still acts like she’s twelve,” he adds, giving his son a cuddle.

Adrienne drops by Caffeinated to nag her son. When he mentions Brent, she’s glad to hear he still has a social life that doesn’t include baby duty. He starts railing at her for this, telling her that he has lots of fun with his new family. Sonny doesn’t want variety and declares he will never break up with Will. She reminds him of how happy he was before Will. He keeps defending his life until Brent shows up. Adrienne rambles to him until he goes. Sonny bickers with his mother. When he heads home, he apologizes about Brent. Will assures him it is fine and they kiss. Will looks a bit worried. Meanwhile, Adrienne runs into Lucas in the square. She starts fumbling with her phone to show him a video of the baby. Her battery is dead so she offers to send it to him later. She wants to discuss their sons but he really doesn’t want to go there.

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