Days Of Our Lives Poll: Chad’s Head.

Brain bounce.

At the picnic earlier this month, Chad gave his head a bit of a banging while he was swimming. Cameron keeps urging him to get it checked out, but Chad has been reluctant to let anyone get a look at what’s going on under his hair. Could Chad be headed for some trouble with his brain? In the past, it hasn’t taken much more than a fall for someone to suddenly get psychic powers. What might be in store for him?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think could happen to a DiMera when he loses control.

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- Matt Purvis

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  1. From Clear

    He probably has a concussion. I surely hope they do not kill him off since he is leaving the show!

    He can recover and get a great position in Chicago because Abby chooses the Dr. Over him. I hope he comes back on the show!

  2. From Cougar

    Exactly Clear. They just cant keep pulling unknown DiMira heirs our of the hat like rabbits and then bump them off. Doesn’t make sense and shows poor judgment especially if they are popular like Lexi, Tony and Chad. Any kind of disappearing act please DOOL. If it has to be a brain injury send him off to a sanitarium to recover like they did with Lucas when he sufferedin an extreme burns from the time Kate set the mansion on fire in an attempt to kill Victor that back fired.

    WOW! What is up with Adriene all of a sudden becoming the skunk at the garden party!

  3. From babs

    I heard he is leaving the show. I’m upset because I don’t want Abby with Cameron.

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