Days Of Our Lives Poll: Sami’s Trial.

Back in the dock.

As Marlena has been fond of pointing out, her daughter could be facing the death penalty again, this time for killing a cop. EJ keeps assuring her that all will be well, but he and Justin seem more interested in taking down Stefano than worrying about her case. Add the fact that Adrienne is gunning for her and things may not be too good for Samanther. What kind of outcome would you like to see from this?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think she has planned. If you think she has something even more dastardly in mind, please let us know what you think it is in the comments section.

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  1. From Cougar

    Really enjoyed today’s show the way they juxtiposed going back and forth between the grand jury and the memorial service. Bernardie’s widow can be a real thorn in Sami’s side for quite a while even if they (and they will eventually)
    clear Sami and prove Bernardi was a DiMira mole in the SPD. The actress playing the grieving widaw has some acting chops hope they keep her around for a while.

    Also like the way they are slipping Roman back in the forefront: the suffering father of accused Sami, despondent cop temporarily kicked off the force, protector of Marlene now that she and John are on the outs He has been under used for such a long time. REally unfair too, especially since he is now the patriach of the Brady clan.

    And finally, Jen gets a clue that her son is turning inot a bad seed. Thats what you get for sending him off the boarding school. Alice and Tom atleast had the good grace to raise you in their home when your parents took a powder. Maggie, butinski Maggie, back on the means well track, priceless.

    DOOL keepthis up, more please

  2. From dc

    well, since she is not gonna be with rafe, i guess ej is ok.. but if stefano has anything to do with it, ej and sami together permanently will probably never happen..
    personally i will be glad to see rafe again (even if he is with kate).
    and i am still waiting for jj to be gone, i don’t mean for a little while but forever.. i think jenn has her head in the sand when it comes to him. abby was never like him. bringing him to the show was just all wrong..
    todays show was really good. but i think sami is in real trouble. what i am wondering is what they are gonna find at bernardi’s house (i think i read that somewhere).

  3. From Clear

    Ditto to the comments. Plus Jenn told JJ that he has to be responsible, but she does not follow through. She needs to cut off his gravy train and keep track of him.

    Stefano is somehow going to squirm out of the business plan I bet. I wonder if Bernardi’s widow is actually getting a pay off to keep Sami and EJ distracted from Stef.

    Abs and Chad were cute today, so I really hate to see him leave the show!

  4. From Lois

    I hate to see Chad leave when they are finally giving him a story line that he could build on, I don’t want to see Abby with the DR. I hard Chloe is coming back I like her with Dan I hope they get together Sami for once was trying to do the right thing, I think they need to find out the truth about the Cod and fine out who took the razor.

  5. From Clear

    I see comments on the current spoilers are still closed. Why?

    I was glad to read that EJ’s plan worked. Probably only temporary though. I enjoy Stephano and am sure he is not done.

  6. From missy

    let this trial go bring down Stefano this wk love ej & sami married & for her be w her children & ej, love sami she doesn’t deserve this. this is away to long. love to see sami happiness be wonderful.

  7. From missy

    let sami out she is innocent love Stefano, go to prizon instead of sami,she doesn’t belong in prizon. she needs to be there for her children & ej. love ej sami married get on to the end of trial, soon. this wk. sami doesn’t deserve this this wk thanks

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