Days Of Our Lives Poll: Theresa.

New partner in crime.

Last week, JJ randomly ran into Theresa for the first time. They flirted and talked about his stash of dope a lot but things never got any further than that since his mom interrupted. Pretty soon, Theresa will be firmly entrenched in JJ and Jenn’s lives making the already tense situation even worse. Does this make you hopeful for a good storyline? What are your expectations for Theresa?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think of Salem’s newest character and what the future could hold for her.

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- Matt Purvis

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  1. From Lisa

    One word……BORING!

  2. From Michelle

    Jennifer used to be one if my favorite characters (when there was Jack). She was adventurous and always looking to crack a story when she was a reporter. Daniel is just boring and safe with her. Her being head of PR has distinguished any spunk she used to have. If she still had her reporter sense she would have figured out JJ was using and selling drugs long ago, and come up with some crazy scheme to find out who the supplier was. Instead the writers continue to make Jen clueless and pathetic. They need to stop. if they won’t bring Jack back (no one stays dead forever) at least bring Frankie back. Him being Jen’s ex boyfriend and Carly’s brother might make Jen and Daniel more interesting.

  3. From Michelle

    Daniel has basically been with every woman. He is so gross. Jen needs to go away and take her busy body daughter and punk son with her.

  4. From Gram

    I’ve been watching Days since the beginning and I don’t remember ever being so tired of a story line or characters as I am with Jenn & Daniel. Jack needs to come back or Jenn and her kids need to all go back to London and stay there, never to be seen or heard from ever again! also don’t need Chloe to come back later this year either

  5. From Clear

    I don’t like pathetic and whiny either. Jen should be stopping J.J’s shenanigans instead of being controlled. She hasn’t been around him most of his life. Military school this time would be better for him than a weak willed and enabling mother. He is only interested in party time!

    I can see Theresa being a snitch later to save her own a&$ and get out of trouble and taking little J.J. Down!

  6. From Clear

    Jennifer and Daniel should be allowed to be happy TOGETHER! When Jack came back, Jennifer told Abigail that she is a grown adult and that her mom deserves to be happy and that Abigail would just need to deal with it. Why cant she give that same lecture to JJ? Just when Daniel and Jennifer start to get happy together again, someone else comes along and ruins it. Why cant they comprise? If JJ doesn’t want to be happy about it, then fine, don’t be happy, but don’t take it to extremes and start vandalizing property. LET DANIEL & JENNIFER BE HAPPY!!!

  7. From Steve

    With Theresa Donovan on DOOL now being a pain in Jennifer’s side – time to bring back Eve Donovan (Theresa’s half sister) who was Jennifer’s problem in her early years. Would love to see Charlotte Ross back!

  8. From Tracey

    I agree with #6 Clear let Jen and Dan be happy together I love those two. Send JJ packing and he can take that idiot Theresa with him!! Why they brought those two to days I can’t figure out neither one can act.

  9. From missy

    Love Dannifer!

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