Days Of Our Lives Recap For July 31.

Land On Her Feet

At the apartment,  Will and Sonny discuss Sami. Will learns she didn’t get bail and leaves. Brent arrives and they look over Sonny’s plans. Brent invites Sonny on a hiking trip. They drink beer and Sonny says he’d love to go with him…and Will, but they can’t leave right now.

Lucas visits Sami at her cell. He just got back from out of town, and says the kids miss her. Sami asks him how the hell she’ll get out of this one. Lucas asks about Bernardi. Sami says she can’t prove it, but she knows Stefano sent him to Rafe’s room with the razor. Lucas feels bad – they should have got things right. Sami wishes everyone could have seen Bernardi like she did. Lucas assures her he’s there for her. She ‘s moved. Later, Sami asks the guard for water. He drops the bottle beyond her reach.

In Kayla’s office, she tells EJ there’s a good chance Sami’s bullet didn’t kill Bernardi. EJ wants to know more. Kayla explains that it was strange Bernardi went into arrest in recovery. “Bernardi shouldn’t have died. Not from that gun shot.”  EJ asks what they’re supposed to do. Kayla says they must exhume the body and do another autopsy. She agrees to oversee it if he files the paperwork.

In the hospital waiting area, Kate warns Gabi that Rafe may be called to testify against Sami.  Meanwhile, Rafe dreams that Stefano is choking him and then awakens.  The nurse tells Kate and Gabi he’s awake. They agree not to tell Rafe about testifying. Kate lets Rafe know he’s stuck with her, and then he visits with Gabi. They discuss Ari, and then Nick. Gabi says it’s starting to feel like it’s over.

Cameron goes into Kayla’s office and shows her Chad’s CT scan. She says it could be nothing, or something serious. She agrees with him seeing a specialist in the morning and offers to talk to Chad. Cameron says he’ll handle it.

Nick meets Vargas in the square. Vargas confronts him about not being okay – he’s letting Jensen mess up his life all over again. Nick reminds him he tried to use it against him. Vargas says he was wrong, and tells Nick he’s a survivor. Nick sees Gabi has texted.

Nick greets Gabi in the hospital waiting area. He misses her. She misses him too; the good times. They go in to see Rafe. Gabi leaves them alone. Rafe tells Nick he’s sorry what happened to him in prison, but he went there for a reason. He complains about him plotting to separate to Will and Gabi and treating Will and Sonny like crap. Rafe says now he has to prove he’s a different man…or not. Nick says he’s not the reason he’s there. Rafe knows. It’s about the only thing he’s not blaming on him.

In the park, Chad makes Stefano laugh by asking if he sent Bernardi to kill Rafe. Stefano denies it. Chad can’t believe Sami would kill a cop for no reason. Stefano agrees it’s outrageous. Chad says what’s outrageous is Stefano not being involved – he’s  not buying it. They bicker. Stefano warns him it’s a bad mistake to turn on him.

In the square, Stefano tells Cecily it went better than expected with his son.

Outside Brady’s Pub, Kate spots Chad, who says Stefano swore he didn’t send Bernardi to kill Rafe. Chad asks her about Stefano’s word. She admits he never gave his word and then lied to her face. He thinks Stefano told him the truth.

Lucas and Will meet up outside somewhere. They discuss Sami. Lucas insists she’ll get through this and land on her feet like always.

Will visits Sami. He says they’ll find a way to fight this. EJ appears. “We already have.” Will goes. Sami asks EJ what’s going on. He tells her Kayla thinks there’s a chance her bullet didn’t kill Bernardi. She thinks someone wanted to make sure Bernardi didn’t wake up and tell who he was working for. EJ says, “Stefano.”  EJ tells her they have to exhume the body. This may be the last night she spends there.

Will returns home. Brent leaves. Will asks what they were talking about. Sonny says Brent wanted him to go on a hiking trip. Sonny tells Will what he told him. Will thinks he should go on the hike and not put things off because of him and Arianna. Sonny just wants to be there with him.

Still in the square, Stefano gets a call. He asks, “When did this happen?” He seems concerned. Stefano chuckles when he hears what their next move will be.

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- Candace Young

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  1. From jan h

    oh…so good to have Stefano back! what a great “baddie”.
    miss Victor and Stefano squaring off.
    am slowly getting use to guys kissing on TV.
    I think we need some more excitement to pep up the show..what do the rest of you gals or guys think?

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