Days Of Our Lives Spoilers And Videos For July 1-5.

Coming up in Salem.

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Justin warns Elvis that his plan to oust his father from DiMera Enterprises has a problem and Stefano could be onto them.

Will starts to worry that Sonny is regretting letting Gabi and the baby move in.

Eric relapses into illness which leads to Daniel discovering clues about what happened to him.

JJ enters into a flirtatious relationship with a fresh face.

Abby has a hard time keeping her mouth shut about Sami’s secret.

The grand jury offers their verdict on Sami’s case.

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- Matt Purvis

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  25 responses so far...

  1. From Michelle

    Yay comments are back!!!
    Abigail needs a character adjustment.

  2. From Babs

    I agree, Michelle. Abigail and her mother both. Can’t stand them. What happened? Jenn used to be fun. now both the of them are just self rightous prigs who think they know everything. the only honest people in town… sure. While those two are being honest to death about every one elses problems they should take a look at JJ and see where they screwed up there.

  3. From Sistah_Tru

    I think I says that them white fruity boys doing the push – push ain’t up to no good. Mmmm Hmmm.

  4. From penny

    Just how long will they blame Jack’s death on JJ’s problem. When will Jenn and Abigail see the true light in him. Tired of Kristen’s stupid stunts you would think she learned her lesson.

  5. From penny

    i see it says the comments are closed,scrolled down to see some then i noticed it put the last person that commented,her name and e-mail address looks like there’s still a glitch
    don’t worry,i don’t spam :)

  6. From Irene

    I wish they would let Jen, JJ and abigail leave the show. JJ really cannot act. Where did they find him? Does Jennifer dress herself or wardrobe? She either looks frumpy or like a teenager. She sure does not dress like the professional she is supposed to be. I hope they get rid of Kristen, Nick and let Eric leave the priesthood and get back with Nicole.

    I really have been disgusted with the show. How they won for best daytime drama is beyond me. My favorites have become Victor and Stephano.

  7. From Joanna

    I agree you with all on the above…Glad to see this back as well.

  8. From Kathy

    I want to keep Kristen. Every show needs a villian and she is great at that. I do however agree with
    Babs, I think Jennifer and Abigail need to be normal instead of self rightious saints, and the thing about Abigail being a virgin is soooo over done! Do it or DON’T! Who gives a fat rats a**???

  9. From barbara


  10. From grandma to many

    Nick did create some of his own problems but I feel sorry for him now he seems to have no one . Where is Julie who was so quick to let him out of jail then just took off to nowhere land ? I miss Bo ! Mrs Brady went to the strip club and is now banished to the kitchen to babysit again . I just hope Kristen didn’t give Eric some nasty disease ! What a hateful B she is !

  11. From Sue

    Someone chip in some extra bucks and bring back Peter Reckell (Bo). PLEASE!

  12. From sharon

    Thank goodness for my DVR. I watch the parts I like, skip over a lot. Did I dream seeing Abe put the pkg in his pocket that the nurse gave him??? Is he now going to be one of the bad guys??? hmmm.

  13. From carol

    Ever since they got Sami and Evil Junior back together this show has been a joke how it won best day time dramatic show is beyond me !

  14. From Kay

    I actually like Jennifer as a person, but they need to settle her into a more stable personality – let her & Daniel really trust each other and stay together. I, too, like Nick and hope they keep him as a good character. Miss Bo & Hope together. Kate is too old for Rafe. She & Roman would make a good couple again.

  15. From dc

    in my opinion jenn and abigail changed, big time, when jj returned. i think bringing him back was a really bad mistake on the writers part. i know all the “young” folks are out for the summer break but there are more seasoned followers. there are really alot of “new” faces too (young ones)..
    i guess by now ya’ll have figured out i am one of the “seasoned followers”..
    would love to see bo brought back. it is hard to watch without seeing him. glad brady finally got rid of kristen but it is so wrong that she went after eric.
    sure hope rafe will be back soon.
    read where chad’s character is leaving (or at least the person playing him).

  16. From Page

    Lets get back to the Abe and the package. what was the package?

  17. From Kay

    I am not sure why Will is getting insecure again about Sonny wanting Gabi and Ari staying with them. It was Sonny’s idea, and he wants Will to be able to bond with the baby. I know it will be challenging to find time to be alone together, but they have separate bedrooms so they would definitely have bedtime to be intimate. The baby will be in Gabi’s bedroom so she will be with the baby at night so there should be no problem there. During the daytime may be challenging but I’m sure they can find the time to be together. I really don’t care about Daniel and Jennifer, so JJ being a problem for them does not matter to me at all. I like Eric and Nicole, but not sure how long they will drag that out. Abby needs to choose between Chad and Cameron. I know Chad will not be around past October, but they have until then to be a couple if that is who she chooses. Cameron does not impress me that much, so I really don’t want her with him.

  18. From TerriK

    Glad the comments are back! I missed hearing everyone’s opinions and haven’t really been able to find another site that really interests me.
    Is it just me or does Marlena look like she had a bit of a lift done to her face? I am really enjoying her lately. For once she isnt over the top and she is just down right mean. Loving the way she has been standing up to everyone, John included. I never used to be a Marlena fan..but lately..she has stepped up her game and has become a pretty fierce woman.
    I don’t like that they are doing the Nicole and Brady thing again. I hope they seriously drop this. And as far as Eric goes…maybe even this trick Kristen is pulling might make him realize how much he really does miss women and hopefully Nicole doesn’t get knocked up with Brady’s baby before that happens! Which will probably turn out to be EJ’s baby resurrected the way these story lines are going!!

  19. From Stephanie

    Very much dislike Kristin – can they plese write her off and bring back Bo! Anyway – why is noone calling it what it was that Kristin did to Eric? Rape! Just because it was not a man who drugged a woman, the apple is still an apple…. apart from being gross! The actress must be in her glory – she’s in her 50′s and during her short return, has had not one, but two younger (and gorgeous) men in bed. BOTH in a sick way.

  20. From MsBoulderCO

    Well if Kristin uses that video to discredit Eric she stands no chance of getting Brady back once he would find out how sick she really is.

    So will Sami be sentenced to death like she was many, many years ago and get off in the nick of time?

    I think Sonny is more excited about the baby than Will. Then again, he did bring her into this world and seeing he won’t have a wife in the female sense to see this was major for him.

    So sick of JJ and here we go again with Jen and Dan going on the outs.

  21. From Larry

    I really prefer Abigail with Chad. She seems more at ease with Chad.Also Chad seems more patient. Cameron just rubs me the wrong way.He’s the typical young arrogant Dr.I liked the old Cameron better.

  22. From Tmbsr

    Why hasn’t the razor that Hope found in the vent been brought up to help Sami in her defense?

  23. From Clear

    So agree with comments about Jenn- – bleeding heart liberal nut! Her character is so busy grimacing about J.J. and talking too much that she cannot find time for just enjoying Daniel’s company. Guess he needs to get her away in the dark cabin again before she can gain perspective.

    I hope EJ wins out with Stephano, but that he slithers away to fight another day.

    I see Eric remembering what happened and suffering terrible guilt, but I hope he just gets angry and has Kristin arrested. I too would like to see him throw over the collar and bond with Nicole.

  24. From gaelyn thomson

    we all now sami is inncent we all now it will and sonny belong together and always will be they should get marryed but also Nicole belongs with vargas

  25. From Terri

    I hate Adrienne and i love Nicole and Brady

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