General Hospital Weekly Summary For July 1-5.

Can’t quit.

Olivia informed Connie that she was moving in with Sonny to recover. She tried assuring her cousin that there was nothing between them. However, as soon as Olivia moved in with the mobster, she was hurt when he told her there was nothing between them. Not long after, he gave her a kiss. But it wasn’t all good. Alexis ordered Shawn to stop working for Sonny if he wanted to be with her. He agreed. Shawn went to Sonny’s to quit when Milo showed up to quit first. He’d accepted a job from Lucy. Things didn’t go so well for Shawn, when he told Alexis he couldn’t quit, she dumped him.

Franco and Carly bickered about her attempt to kill him. He and Ava got her to back down from demanding Morgan move out. Carly went off to apologize to Sonny for nearly killing Olivia. Alone, Franco accused Ava of also plotting to kill him.

Michael asked his father to send him out of the country so he could get away from Kiki. AJ refused. Liz showed up and agreed to forget about him sleeping with Carly. They kissed. She went off to inform Nikolas. Later, while getting up to some kinkiness, Morgan left Kiki tied up for a minute. His brother showed up. As he started to untie her, Morgan came in and flipped when he saw them together.

Sabrina and Felix were miffed when the test results confirmed everything Britt claimed. When Britt joined Patrick for the holiday, Emma handed her a doll. After the doll peed on Britt, she chucked it in the fire. And Tracy insisted on going with Luke to hunt down his cure, but he gave her the slip and went alone. Tracy was left to lie to Luke’s family about where he went.

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