General Hospital Weekly Summary For June 24-28.

After the cure.

Luke was informed that there was something toxic in his system. He got a DVD from Helena, explaining that she was dead but she left him with a poisonous earring. He yanked it out and they took it to the hospital for testing. Ellie explained that he’d need serious treatment but he refused to take it. He surmised that he was poisoned with the same thing Jerry was and was determined to track him down for an antidote. Lulu dropped by to say she was having a baby girl. He promised to be back for that and Tracy decided to go with him on his trip. Meanwhile, Sonny invited Olivia back to his place to start her recovery.

Carly stopped Shawn from confessing while Anna and Dante realized that someone else was involved in the shooting. Meanwhile, Ava and Franco tried hammering out a deal to work together. He implied that he knew she was the one who tried to kill him but he wanted her help with their daughter. She told him they should get back together and kissed him. He was confused. Carly showed up at the Quartermaines demanding to take Morgan home. Franco and Ava wouldn’t let her take him away from Kiki.

Liz heard AJ’s confession to sleeping with Carly on Nik’s phone. The Cassadine confirmed it was real. She immediately confronted Carly and the Quartermaine. They admitted it but said it would never happen again. Liz had to think this over. Across town, TJ was feeling guilty. Molly told him to forget the past few months and asked him to get back with her. As soon as they kissed, Taylor showed up to blurt out that she slept with him. Molly ran off.

After some bickering, Britt clued in that Felix was running a paternity test behind her back. He called Sabrina to warn her. Britt stopped them from opening the results under threat of getting them fired. Then she prompted Ellie to tell them the results. Patrick was the father. And Spinelli worried that Maxie was falling for her baby. He also had to worry about finding a bone marrow donor for Danny.

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