General Hospital Weekly Summary July 15 – 19.


After Sonny and Connie made up, Olivia moved in with Dante and Lulu, while Maxie continued to worry that the truth would come out. She went to tell them the truth, but decided not to at the last minute. Dante confronted Sonny about leading his mother on if he planned on getting back with Connie all along. A curious Connie went to Dante and Lulu’s to confront Olivia about her feelings for Sonny.

Molly and Rafe communicated with Rafe’s father using the Ouija board and he informed them that he knew Sam’s father’s name started with the letter J. Sam continued to hound her mother at GH about the identity of her father. Alexis promised that they’d find a match for Danny in time and Molly asked if it was possible Sam’s father’s name started with a J.

Michael told Morgan about kissing Kiki, who punched him. Kiki asked Michael why he would do such a thing and frantically raced to go find Morgan. Michael went to drown his sorrows at the Floating Rib and received advice from Felix.

Monica told Tracy that a match for Danny had not been found. Tracy continued keeping quiet about Luke. Laura told Lesley and Scott that she was worried about Luke, and Lesley went to do some digging at GH. Monica caught her, they bickered over 30 year old dirty laundry and agreed to put the past behind them, while Lesley looked at Luke’s medical file.

Spinelli began his private investigation work on Ava at her gallery. After she discovered what he was up to, she threatened him. Ava ran into Silas taking a sample from Franco for Danny and Silas inquired how she and Franco knew each other. Silas asked Ava who Kiki was and Ava informed him that she was Franco’s daughter. Silas was not convinced and probed Ava for more information. Ava lied about Kiki’s age with an eavesdropping Morgan nearby. Morgan confronted Ava about what she told Silas and she admitted that Kiki was in fact, Silas’. Morgan agreed to keep Ava’s secret after she taunted him about losing Kiki to Michael. Morgan caught up with Kiki at the Quartermaine mansion and proposed to her.

Elizabeth was not pleased that Nik took Patrick’s place at Britt’s Lamaze class and Britt told her that she must have been having buyer’s remorse for having chosen A.J. instead of the prince.

Franco had a seizure and upon waking up, began thinking he was Jason Morgan. Patrick and Elizabeth ran tests on Franco and noticed he had a brain tumor. Carly said that Franco was just acting. Franco escaped the hospital with Danny and headed for Jason and Sam’s apartment. Upon learning what had happened, Sam went back to her apartment and confronted Franco. After being calmed by Ava, Silas went to go check in on Danny and a nurse told him that Danny was not at the hospital. Silas rushed over to Sam’s apartment and found her unconscious.

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