General Hospital Weekly Summary July 22 – 26.

On The Hunt.

Lesley was able to obtain information regarding Luke’s illness and told Laura. Laura confronted Tracy and wondered why Luke would go it alone, and Tracy told her that he wanted to search for the cure solo. Laura told Scott that Luke was dying and that she wouldn’t forgive herself if something happened to him. Scott agreed to let her go and search for Luke.

After being knocked out by Franco, Carly convinced Sam to go with Silas to get medical attention and promised her that they’d find Danny. Silas tried to calm a frantic Sam at the hospital, while Carly found Franco and tried to get him to let Danny go along with the PCPD. After hearing where Franco was, Sam rushed over with Silas and she was able to grab Danny as Franco collapsed. Franco was raced to GH to undergo surgery.

Molly informed Rafe that they needed to find a match for Danny as soon as possible. Rafe suggested that they make a list of men with the initial J, hoping to jog Alexis’ memory. Alexis blamed herself for Sam’s kidnapping and Nik reassured her that rehashing Cassadine history was pointless. She continued to wonder who Sam’s father was.

T.J. told Molly that he wanted to get back together. Silas continued to hunt for info on whether he was Kiki’s father, while Morgan continued keeping it secret.

Elizabeth told Nik that Britt couldn’t be trusted because of how she treated Emma. Nik confronted Britt about it at Kelly’s. She told him she wasn’t proud of her past and that she’s learned from her mistakes. They reconciled. As she was leaving, she was stunned to find her mother outside.

Felix hatched a plot with Michael to get Brad to spill Britt’s secret. Michael initially refused but later agreed. Michael was interrupted in the midst of the plan with a phone call from AJ, who told him to get to ELQ asap. Felix startled Brad who wondered what Michael was up to. Brad confessed how much he liked Felix. Felix wanted to know Britt’s secret and he responded telling him to ask her mother.

Carly interrupted Sonny and Connie to tell him about Morgan and Kiki’s forthcoming nuptials and Franco’s brain tumor. Sonny believed Franco was faking. Connie stated to Sonny that a man named Derek Wells was about to take her magazine and thats he hoped telling a story about ELQ would stop him.

Ava told Tracy that Franco signed over his shares to her and that she wanted something in return if she gave Tracy his shares. Tracy scoffed at her request then gave in to her demands. At ELQ, Tracy hoped A.J. would be ousted but he captured more votes than she did.

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  1. From missy

    love britt tell the truth that she is carrying dante & lulu’s baby love dante & lulu bk to hos. give georgie bk to spinelli & maxie this wk. so sad for maxie it’s her baby,not theres please ?

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