General Hospital Weekly Summary July 8 – 12.


Ellie told Spinelli that she would have his baby if he really wanted one. He told her that he thought she didn’t really want one. Ellie responded by telling him that his happiness was worth more to her after Spinelli heard that Maxie was having a girl. Carly hired Spinelli to dig up dirt on Ava. Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu picked out baby names and Lulu told Dante they couldn’t use the name Georgie because that was a name reserved for the day Maxie had a child of her own.

Michael and Kiki tried to keep their feelings for each other at bay but the passion got the best of them at the hospital and Brad witnessed the kiss. He tried to blackmail Michael into sleeping with him, though Michael overheard Brad and Brit discussing how she helped him get the job in the lab and Michael ended up calling Brad’s bluff.

Maxie battled her conscience of keeping her secret and received a visit from Georgie, who told her to do the right thing.

Sam continued searching for matches for Daniel. She and Silas visited Heather, who initially had reservations about helping, but agreed after Silas convinced her. Daniel began running a fever, while Silas and Sam were visiting Heather and they both rushed to see what was wrong. Silas told Sam that the chemo wasn’t working on Daniel and that they needed to find a donor quick.

Alexis broke up Sean and Sonny beating up Franco and asked Franco to get tested. He agreed. At the hospital, Franco got checked out and Alexis met Ava, who ran into her ex, Silas. Ava wanted to reconcile over a cup of coffee, but Silas wasn’t having it. Carly and Spinelli witnessed the coffee reconciliation between Ava and Silas.

Olivia began reflecting about her Fourth of July kiss with Sonny. She and Sonny discussed the kiss. Connie decided that she wanted Sonny back and went over for a visit to inform him. Sonny told her it was a lot to take in, while Olivia said that Connie and Sonny had a lot to talk about.

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