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Although Taylor gives everyone a surprise at Brooke’s birthday party, it is not a happy one. She opens her gob about Brooke sleeping with her own sister’s husband. Everyone is shocked. Rick and Hope aren’t sure what to think and argue about it. Katie lays into Bill for what he did. He tries to put some of the blame of her. That doesn’t help. Katie starts to rummage through all of Brooke and Bill’s dirty laundry.

Taylor’s actions have consequences for her. Eric is not at all happy about what she did. This leads to fighting and she’s gone before the end of the week. Distracted from all of this by his own problems, Liam is still left wondering why Steffy took off. He manages to find space in his brain to worry about Hope now that she is getting close to Wyatt, the new man in town. And Caroline won’t give up on her plan to break up Maya and Rick. It seems to be working since he is not happy when he gets the details about what Maya’s new acting gig entails.

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