The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For July 1-5.

Another sword.

At Brooke’s birthday party, Taylor accused Bill and Brooke of having an affair. She even told Katie about the baby who was lost. Katie refused to believe it but her sister wouldn’t deny it. Katie slapped her husband. He insisted that there was plenty of blame to go around. Katie refused to take any so he told her she had convenient amnesia. He asked for forgiveness and repeated that she’d pushed them together. Katie wasn’t forgiving. Brooke echoed what Bill said and they were both sent packing.

Taylor and Eric argued about what she did. He was appalled that she went through another doctor’s files illegally. Meanwhile, Brooke’s kids had a hard time handling what their mom did. Hope was especially disappointed. Bill went to stay with his son. Liam finally got Steffy to answer one of his calls but she still refused to explain why she took off.

Caroline didn’t think that Raphael’s web series was sexy enough. She re-wrote it for him. Carter was happy to hear he would be pushing some boundaries in his scenes with Maya. Although Maya wasn’t crazy about the new material, she agreed to go along with it. Caroline kept pushing Raphael to up the ante on the sexiness. After editing some footage together, she brought it over to the holiday party. She put it on for everyone. Rick was not amused and told Maya so. Caroline was pleased. Meanwhile, Liam dropped in late and discovered that Wyatt had already moved in on Hope. Liam explained that he still wanted her and asked to talk but she refused. She filled Wyatt in on their complicated history. Wyatt thought Liam was a twit. After he kissed her, she noticed he had a sword necklace too.

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