The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For July 15 – 19.

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Bill laughed when Katie fired him. She wasn’t joking. She and Karen ordered him out. His firing had already been approved by the board. Bill finally left. Katie started redecorating. Liam was shocked and accused her of tearing apart her son’s family. She remained determined to push ahead. After she had all of Bill’s stuff packed, she called him to pick it up. He begged for another shot. She turned that down and turned him out. Brooke paid him a visit. He filled her in so she stormed off to tell her sister that she was insane. They had a vicious verbal brawl and Brooke slapped her.

Hope blabbed to Quinn, Wyatt’s mom, about the sword necklace. Quinn was standoffish. Once Hope left, Quinn warned her son to steer clear of the blond and the people she was involved with… like the Spencers. He wondered why Liam had the same necklace. His mom wouldn’t explain. Hope went off to wonder to Rick if Wyatt could be Liam’s long-lost brother. Later, she ran into Liam. He announced that he’d had his answers from Steffy so now he was back for her. She didn’t want them to be together just because Steffy said so and walked off. He went after her. She went off to tell Wyatt she suspected Liam was his half-brother. She suggested he try meeting Bill. When he went to his mother with all of this, she insisted it was nonsense and told him to drop Hope. Meanwhile, Liam went over to Hope’s and proposed to her.

Maya and Carter got back to work on their web series. Their love scenes nearly crossed a line. Caroline was impressed. Carter admitted to Maya that he was into her and they could keep it quiet. She reminded him that she was with Rick. Caroline was sure to show the new scenes to Rick and rub them in his face. He admitted to Maya that it was upsetting him. She wasn’t crazy about it either.

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