The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For July 22 – 26.

All wet.

Bill tore into his sister Karen for supporting Katie, but she remained adamant that Katie would come out on top. He went off to see her and found her arguing with Brooke. Bill asked for another shot. Katie still rejected him.

Liam popped the question to Hope. She said yes. They hit the sheets and declared it the new beginning of their lives. The news spread fast. Brooke was thrilled. Bill was not. Hope broke the news to Wyatt and asked him if they could still be friends. They decided to set up an ‘accidental’ meeting between his mom and Bill to see if that would solve the question of Quinn’s mysterious behavior. The meeting came. Bill remembered her from the past and recalled her saying that she was pregnant. She recalled him telling her to get an abortion. She ran off. Wyatt chased after her with Bill following behind. Quinn admitted that Bill was Wyatt’s father, but he wanted her to get rid of him. Wyatt was furious. She stormed over to tear into Hope for damaging her relationship with her son. Bill and Liam followed Wyatt around. He didn’t want anything to do with Bill. They argued about the abortion. Bill tried welcoming him into the family with open arms and “Bonanza” references.

Caroline continued to prod Raphael into heating things up on the web series. Maya was still uncomfortable with it. As the filming progressed, she heard Caroline’s voice and caught her dishing out orders. After Maya confronted her, Raphael fired Caroline just as Rick arrived. He heard what had been going on and pointed out to Caroline that he and Maya had passed her little test. Caroline had a fit and then got soaked after accidentally puncturing a waterbed with her heels.

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