The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For July 8 – 12.


Although Rick was forgiving of what his mother had done with Bill, Hope didn’t hold back on lecturing her. In the end, she offered to forgive her if she would behave herself. Meanwhile, Liam was trying to come to term with what his father did. Bill was sure that Katie would forgive him once she saw the swanky tiara he bought for her.

Donna tried convincing Katie that things could still work out with Bill. When he arrived, she told him to get lost. He offered her the tiara. She’d rather have a divorce. He begged. She refused again so he blamed her again. Later, he met with Brooke just as the divorce papers from Katie arrived. Brooke urged him not to give up and promised to help save the marriage. Meanwhile, Karen was encouraging Katie to make sure that Bill would pay for what he did. Once Karen left to tell her brother to agree to the divorce, Brooke showed up and told her sister that she ought to forgive Bill. Katie didn’t want anything to do with either of them. Moments later, Bill arrived and refused to be backed into a divorce. His wife repeated that she didn’t want him anymore, just 1% of the company in the settlement. After some more pressure, he agreed to this. It was then revealed that this gave Katie 51% of the company, making her majority shareholder. She promptly fired him.

Liam told Hope that he still had to get some answers from Steffy before he could move on. They argued about this a little and he plodded off. She thought about Wyatt. When she met up with him, she asked him about his dagger necklace. He explained that his mother designed it. Wyatt took her over to meet his mom, who was irked when she heard that Hope had been dating Bill Spencer’s son. Meanwhile, Liam flew off to Paris to get some answers. Steffy finally told him about not being able to get pregnant again. He wanted to be with her anyway but she sent him away, urging him to move on with Hope.

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