The Young And The Restless Spoilers And Videos July 22 – 26.

A look ahead.

The week of July 22 is filled with more drama, and Soap Opera Fan Blog has spoilers and video sneak peeks for what’s ahead in Genoa City. Bookmark and refresh this page daily for added scoops throughout the week.

Billy has had enough of Carmine and fires him. Elsewhere, Lauren tells Michael the unthinkable, that Carmine will drop the charges against him if she sleeps with him one more time. Carmine texts Lauren, pretending to be Fen, and lures her to a cabin. Lauren slaps Carmine, but he refuses to let her leave. Across town, Kevin tries to be there for Michael.

Adam talks to Avery and wonders if she’s let it go, or if she’s still bothered by what Nick has done. Meanwhile, Sharon begs Phyllis not to tell everyone that she changed Summer’s paternity results. During a struggle, Phyllis falls and hits her head on the concrete floor in a stairwell at the gala venue. As Sharon stands over Phyllis’ body, Nick and Avery enter the stairwell, kissing. Inside at the gala, Nikki demands to know if Victor did anything to keep Billy away from the event. Later, as Jack and Nick support Summer, Sharon debates coming clean with Nick.

Plus, after Cane and Lily share a romantic evening together, something Abby says bothers Lily. Someone confronts Chloe and Chelsea, and someone else pours their heart out.

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  1. From Luvlane#1

    Loved the scenes this week with Cane, Lily, and the twins. They are adorable. They are the main reason why I watch the Y&R.

    I hope Lauren and Michael stay together and I hope it does not take forever for the truth to come out about what Sharon has done.

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