The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary July 1 – 5.

Kyle dumped Summer, Carmine obsessed, and Vikki moved out…

Abby confronted Kyle about kissing Phyllis. He warned Abby not to tell Jack then apologized to Phyllis for the kiss. After Phyllis told Kyle she wasn’t sorry it happened, he ended things with Summer. Summer told Jack and claimed she’d noticed a difference in Kyle since his trip with her mother. Later, Phyllis walked in as Nick told Avery that Summer wasn’t his daughter. Avery believed Phyllis had lied about the first test until Nick set her straight. Phyllis left and went to tell Jack the truth until Kyle appeared and explained that Summer had left. Noah got Courtney to tell them Summer had gone to Chicago.

Sharon told stories to Faith and thought about her and Nick’s great love affair. Meanwhile, Adam tested Melanie to see if she’d report back to Victor, which she did. Victor instructed Melanie to do as Adam asked, in regards to what Victor thought to be a bad investment, and believed his son wouldn’t betray him. Later, Adam admitted to Melanie he’d set her up.

Devon released Mason from the Jabot campaign. Elsewhere, Tyler and Neil argued over Tyler’s firing until Leslie interrupted to announce she’d found out Rose died six years ago. However, Rose had a daughter named Ann.

Carmine continued to obsess over Lauren and invited a Lauren lookalike into his suite. She found it creepy that Carmine wanted to pretend she was Lauren. Later, Carmine watched a secret sex tape he’d made of him and Lauren.

Billy went home to talk to Vikki and spotted a pregnancy test. She told him she wasn’t pregnant and moved with Johnny to the ranch. Behind Vikki’s back, Victor had divorce papers drawn up for Billy. Meanwhile, Chloe rushed Delia, who’d had a high fever, to the hospital. Billy arrived, and they learned Delia just had a stomach bug. Across town, Alex had been impressed with Kevin’s work and gave him a tech specialist job. When Kevin heard about Delia he went to the hospital and was upset to see Billy with Chloe.

Chelsea met Dylan’s friend Stitch, who privately urged Dylan to tell her everything surrounding Sully.

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