The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary July 15- 19.

Sharon made a confession about Summer, many were upset with Nick over his secret, and Michael pulled a gun on Carmine…

Michael was furious when Carmine was released, due to lack of evidence. Gloria blamed Lauren for Fen’s overdose and offered to have Carmine killed. While Lauren refused Gloria, Carmine watched his and Lauren’s sex tape on Genoa City Buzz. Lauren and Michael were stunned when Carmine sent it to Fen! Lauren denied knowledge of having been taped, and Kevin took the video offline. Later, after Carmine taunted Michael about the video, Michael pulled a gun on him. Lauren got Michael to rush off, as she pushed Carmine away. Later, Carmine called 911, and Paul arrested Michael. Carmine agreed to drop the charges if Lauren spent one more night with him. Lauren refused.

Chloe kept thinking about her and Billy’s kiss but went to Vikki and urged her to give Billy another chance. Vikki set up visitation for Billy and Johnny and told Billy he had Chloe to thank. Billy vowed to prove himself to Vikki. Across town, Jeffrey urged Chelsea to tell Adam the truth about the baby. Chelsea realized Jeffrey wanted money in order to stay quiet. After handing him a check, Chelsea warned Jeffery to keep his mouth shut. Later, Vikki reminded Chelsea that she’d kept her baby’s paternity a secret and demanded that she keep Chloe away from Billy as a favor in return.

Cane noticed Lily’s upset over Tyler and Abby’s closeness and called her on it, which irked Lily. Hilary watched, as the tension grew between Cane and Lily, who continued to argue over Tyler.

Jack punched Nick and refused to forgive him for keeping Summer’s paternity a secret. Summer and Jack tried to figure out where to go with their new relationship. Kyle, Noah and Avery also struggled to deal with the truth. Elsewhere, Sharon confessed to Cassie’s ghost that she changed Summer’s paternity results – she was really Nick’s daughter! As news spread of Summer’s paternity, Victor and Adam argued over trust and what it meant be a Newman. Phyllis urged Avery to forgive Nick and reminded her sister how much he loved her. Meanwhile, Sharon worried to Cassie that changing the results might not get her what she wanted – and Phyllis overheard her!

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  1. From missy

    love jack to be the father of summer, love her to be an abbott bring down victor, once & for all love jack to win ? I, want john be proud of his son,

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