The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary July 22 – 26.

Phyllis had an accident during a struggle with Sharon, Carmine used Fen to lure Lauren to him, and Billy put a sexual harassment suit into motion…

Lauren told Michael Carmine offered to drop the charges if she slept with him again. Lauren received a text from Fen asking for help. She arrived at a cabin and realized Carmine had texted her. Carmine hated how cold Lauren was acting and kissed her then tied her up. Lauren played Carmine until he untied her. She stabbed him, which only made things worse. He tied Lauren to the bed and gagged her. Elsewhere, Fen got high with Raven and admitted he told his parents Carmine had given him the drugs. Later, Michael was denied bail and charged with attempted murder. When Lauren didn’t show up for Michael’s hearing, Kevin tracked her cell to a landfill but couldn’t track Fen’s, who had previously disabled the tracking. Kevin broke Michael out of jail, who later barged into the cabin with murder in his eyes.

Sharon begged Phyllis not to tell anyone that she changed Summer’s paternity results and warned she and Nick would be a family again. Phyllis rushed to the MS gala, with Sharon following. As Phyllis called Jack from the building stairwell, a struggle ensued, and Phyllis tripped and hit her head on the concrete floor. Sharon took off unseen when Nick and Avery appeared in the stairwell above. They spotted Phyllis and got help. Phyllis underwent surgery to remove a blood clot in her brain. When Phyllis woke up, she recalled what had happened with Sharon but couldn’t speak. When Jack asked Phyllis to marry him, she managed to say ‘Nick’. Meanwhile, Sharon told Cassie that she never meant for Phyllis to get hurt. Cassie urged Sharon to tell Nick the truth. Later, when Summer was given Phyllis’ belongings she realized a tube of lipstick found at the scene wasn’t her mother’s.

Abby showed Lily a gossip post online about Cane and Hilary, who’d gone on a business trip together. When Lily called Cane, Hilary answered his cell. Lily asked her to have Cane call her and wondered why he hadn’t told her Hilary would be accompanying him to New York. Later, Neil flashed back to having met Rose. Across town, Billy convinced Melanie to come up with a sexual harassment suit against Adam.

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