The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary July 8 – 12.

Jack and Summer learned the truth, Carmine called Michael and Lauren, and Sharon saw Cassie…

Michael told Lauren he wouldn’t file for divorce. Elsewhere, Carmine refused Fen’s request to score him some drugs. Later, Carmine found Fen, who OD’d and called Michael and Lauren. When they arrived at the hospital, Carmine insisted he most likely saved Fen’s life. After Carmine left, Fen woke up and told Michael that Carmine gave him the drugs. Michael demanded Paul arrest Carmine and vowed to make him pay. Carmine begged Lauren to believe in his innocence.

While Sharon reflected on the past and saw a vision of Cassie, Jack overheard his son and Abby talking about Kyle and Phyllis’ kiss. When he confronted Phyllis she explained why she’d done it and that Summer was his daughter. Jack broke down over having been kept in the dark. Meanwhile, Nick found Summer in Chicago and told her the truth. Summer was devastated and realized she’d started to fall in love with her own brother. When Phyllis arrived, Summer blamed her as well but ended up going home with her mother. Nick assured Summer she’d still be his daughter, but Summer reminded him that she and Jack would never know what their lives might have been like. After Summer told Kyle the truth, he ran off. Later, Nick told Sharon what he’d done, and she offered him her complete support. Sharon assured Faith they’d be a family again.

Melanie got caught playing both sides and was fired by Adam and Victor. Later, Victor paid someone to make Billy look bad in front of Vikki, who stormed off. Chloe assured Billy he was a good father, kissed him then apologized.

Since Abby and Alex called it quits she attended Tyler’s party and kissed him. Across town, Neil recalled drinking, and reading about Dru having been presumed dead, in the same town as Rose had passed away in.

Dylan invited Jeffrey and Anita to have dinner with him and Chelsea. He picked up on the tension between Chelsea and Anita and asked Chelsea what he’d been missing. Chelsea deterred his suspicions then asked Avery about Dylan’s past. Avery warned Dylan was a private person but urged Chelsea to get him to open up. When Chelsea did, Dylan admitted a family ended up dead due to saving his life and his friend Scully had been shot while following his orders.

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