The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary June 24 – 28.

Phyllis schemed, marriages were at a standstill, and Tyler got fired…

Phyllis manipulated Kyle and Summer’s contact during her and Kyle’s business trip and flirted with him. When Summer called Kyle, Phyllis hit ‘answer’ so Summer could hear Phyllis talking to Kyle about him flirting with girls at the shoot. Summer realized Phyllis had been trying to ruin her relationship. When Phyllis and Kyle arrived home, Phyllis made sure Summer knew how great their trip had been, how they planned to go on business to Vega next then irked Summer even more by occupying Kyle’s time. Summer got back at Phyllis by confirming to Jack that her mother had been planning a surprise party for him. While planning the party, Phyllis and Kyle kissed, as Abby walked into the mansion.

Avery confronted Sharon over being so available for Nick. When Nick wouldn’t open up about his troubles, Avery reconsidered marrying him. Elsewhere, Adam assured Chelsea he wouldn’t interfere in her wedding plans then called Sharon out for flirting with numerous traveling salesmen. He tried moving on from Chelsea by having sex with Melanie. When she snuck off to report to Victor that she’d gotten closer to Adam, Adam overheard. Later, Chelsea agreed to move in with Dylan, who’d been happy to receive a visit from his friend Stitch.

Vikki believed Billy wasn’t having an affair with Chloe but ordered him to leave, due to his lies. Billy confided in Jack about how much he had lost. Meanwhile, Chloe ended her marriage and told Delia she and Kevin were getting divorced. Across town, Carmine told Fen that his affair with Lauren happened because Lauren had been upset over how Michael had treated Fen.

The latest blog post warned that Neil’s children and grandchildren would be stunned to know what he’d been capable of. While Neil and Leslie pondered it in confusion Tyler appeared and ranted about Devon working behind his back. Neil removed Tyler from the project, which caused an argument and led to Neil firing Tyler. Lily was upset by the news and told Cane she’d quit Jabot because of Tyler. After she admitted she’d enjoyed Tyler’s attention, Cane vowed never to take Lily for granted again.

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