Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For August 13.

A Vortex Of Emotions.

Gabi goes into Rafe’s hospital room. He’s agitated and wants to talk to Sami. She reluctantly explains that Sami is in jail. HYour default forme asks her to send a message. Meanwhile, Sami paces her cell and notices that EJ is unusually calm. He claims he’s just optimistic. She assumes he must have taken matters into his own hands. Gabi shows up so EJ heads off. Gabi shows Sami a video message which Rafe made for her. He says that he believes she’s innocent and thanks her for saving his life. Sami sobs.

Kate wanders into the square and spots Stefano laughing it up with his ladyfriend. She storms over and accuses him of lying to Chad about Bernardi. Cecily gives them some space. Stefano swears that he didn’t send Bernardi to kill Rafe. “You are a soulless w****,” he tells her, insisting this is none of her business. He smashes some flowers. Kate heads to the hospital. She gets a file about Jordan, the physiotherapist recommended for Rafe. Kate pays Rafe a visit and tells him about her run-in with Stefano. She thinks he may have actually been telling the truth about Bernardi.

Hope and Abe discuss Bernardi as they search his house. He shows her the threatening note that Sami received. A cop comes in with a box they found in the wall. There’s not much in it. They head back to the station. EJ is waiting. He already knew they were searching the house and assumes they found something. He’s shocked when they explain they came up empty. He gets sarcastic, blinks and walks off. Abe and Hope think that was odd. While EJ runs off to meet Finn, Stefano meets with one of his goons. They slipped into Bernardi’s place and grabbed the cash before the cops could. “Elvis must think I’m a lot more generous than I am,” Stefano chuckles. He heads to Mandalay. His son shows up to confront him. EJ declares he won’t get away with what he did. Stefano taunts him and sips espresso. Back in the cells, Hope tells Sami that they got a lead that didn’t pan out. She suggests that Sami not let EJ stray outside of the law because it could backfire.

In the park, Bev, Rory and JJ eat weed donuts and come to realize they aren’t high. Rory thinks the baking neutralized the weed. “Maybe you have to eat the holes,” jokes Rory. JJ guesses that the donuts must have been switched. He tells them his mom’s book club must be eating their weed and runs off. “I hope they’re reading ’50 Shades of Grey’,” Rory says.

At the Horton house, the book club ladies stuff their faces with donuts. “This is the best donut I’ve ever had!” squeals Kayla. They eat more and discuss “Alice In Wonderland.” Julie starts telling them how boring cruises are. They all stare into space. They drink wine. “I’m a vortex of emotions!” Nicole blurts out. Julie rants about how much she hates cruises. Adrienne laughs so hard she snorts and starts hyperventilating. Kay gets the munchies. They raid the kitchen for peanut butter and pickles. “Eat me,” Adrienne and Julie starts chanting. Nic asks them not to say that to her again. She starts ranting, grabs some wine and heads for the bathroom. Julie pulls some handcuffs out of her purse and offers to show them a trick. After she cuffs herself, she can’t get loose. Kay talks obsessively about tacos. Nic returns and starts rolling her eyes. Julie calls Hope. “I need you to bring a key so I can eat soup again,” she says. Hope offers to send a squad car. The car arrives just as JJ is entering the house. Jenn pulls her son in. She invites the cop in for some donuts but he just drops off a key and leaves. JJ is disturbed by the drugged donut orgy he’s just walked in on. He tries cleaning up. They want more donuts. He calls them a cab. They head out cackling. Nicole leaves, sure that something strange just happened. JJ finds his mom fawning over his baby photos. She gushes about how proud she is of him. He sends her to bed and can’t believe that he got his own mom stoned.

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- Matt Purvis

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