Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For August 14.

Don’t Eat That!

Will and Sonny wander into the pub. Brent shows up to meet them. Sonny thanks him for all of his hard work. Brent is looking forward to his vacation and wonders if Sonny will come with him. Sonny says he’s busy. Chad arrives. They all yap about the project. Will looks left out. He announces he’s going and Chad offers to drop Ari’s hat off to her in the park. The lads notice Chad seemed to be a bit down. When Sonny steps away, Will starts getting defensive and orders Brent to back off from his man. Brent thinks Will has ‘a case of you’re so wrong’, claiming that Sonny is not his type at all. Offended, he leaves. Sonny returns and wonders what happened. Will fills him in. His boyfriend assures him that no one will come between them.

Cameron walks around the park. He sends Chad a message about his tumour and then bumps into Gabi and the baby. She noticed how upset he looked a minute ago and wonders why. She doesn’t get an explanation. Chad shows up with the hat. He abruptly leaves. Cam decides he needs to go too. He hunts Chadsworth down. They discuss who he should tell about his brain. Chad doesn’t want anyone to know. He doesn’t want any pity. They discuss chemo. “I’m gonna do whatever I have to do,” Chad says.

Abby is sitting on the couch at home. Her brother returns home and spots her raising a donut to her lips. “Don’t eat that!” he blurts as Jenn walks down the stairs. He grabs it and claims he sneezed all over it. His mom apologizes to him for getting bladdered with her friends. JJ wanders off. Abby worries about Sami. Her mom wonders why she’s so upset. Abs confesses that she’s been hiding something and can’t do it anymore. She admits she knew about the video and kept it quiet. Jenn guesses Chad made her keep her mouth shut. She thinks they need to call a lawyer but her daughter says they can’t go to the police. Her mom heads off to make calls. When Jenn gets to her office, Daniel barges in and promises that he will be there to help her with whatever she is worried about. He’s also agreed to be with her in secret. He throws everything off the desk and uses her ass to polish it. This is just a fantasy. Back at the house, Abby fills her brother in about what she did. He makes her lunch and promises to be there for her. Then he gloats about Daniel being out of their mom’s life.

Kristen tosses and turns in Brady’s bed. She wakes up and they get lovey-dovey. Krissy feels insecure and paranoid. He assures her that he is committed to their relationship. She promises she’s his forever. They kiss. She pulls herself out his mouth because she needs to go and deal with scholarships. He woos her with promises of dinner. “I love it when you’re obvious,” she says. He offers her some woo in the shower.

At the rectory, Daniel admits to Eric that they may never know why he has been so sick now that Mason’s research has been destroyed. The doctor worries the priest could still be in danger. Eric starts probing him about his personal life. Daniel vaguely recaps the story of his life in Salem. He gets choked up when he talks about his son. Parker has made him determined to live a more honest life. The priest suggests he try praying. Kristen shows up. Things are uncomfortable. Daniel departs. He runs into Brady in the square. Mr. Black tells him he has a date with Kristen. The doctor is happy for him but warns him to be careful. When Daniel gets to the hospital, he’s cool to Jenn. She asks him if he’s reconsidered her idea. He hasn’t. Back at the rectory, Eric and the DiMera meet with some kid and her mom. They give a scholarship to one. The mother starts rambling about how she just got pregnant again. Kristen looks at her dayplanner and makes a face. “I’m really, really late. It’s not possible,” she grumbles to herself.

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