Days Of Our Lives Poll: Jealous JJ.

Another reason.

Ever since JJ returned to Salem, he’s had it in for Daniel since the surgeon was dating his mother. Since he’s managed to practically ruin their relationship, he’s backed off on going after the doctor. That could change fast if JJ discovers that Theresa is hot for Dr. Cowabunga. Will that drive him further for revenge, or push him in a different direction?

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  1. From dc

    well, it appears i am not the only one who does not care what jj does. did not like the kid when he first showed up on the scene and that has not changed, at least for me. not fond of theresa either. i know the writers are trying to lure in the “younger” crowds, but these two are not the way to do it.. in fact, most of the “younger obes they have hired are not that good.. i am partial to the regulars, just wish some of them would return (that have left)..

  2. From HamFam1

    I agree! JJ has done nothing for the show. I cannot believe Jen would be that oblivious to how he really is. Teresa’s story line is also a big yawn. Again, would Jennifer put up with it this long?? I am beginning to like Abigail better than any of the other young ones. I hope the writers start to get moving on the whole Rafe thing. It all seems like it is dragging!

  3. From Krissy Roach

    I haven’t liked JJ at all. I think his character is horrible, makes Jennifer horrible and his lack of acting skills is disappointing!! Not sure why they keep bringing back all the “kids”, but they are horrible actors!!

  4. From dc

    from wha i have read on other sites some of the “younger” actors/actresses on the show are for the younger generation (college kids)..
    theresa, jj, and the other high school kids can go as far as i am concerned..
    let’s just get on with the other storylines, not the ones concerning drugs, children being bad to their parents, etc..
    amen to the horrible actors.
    i just hate to hear that will, gabi and chad will no longer be on the show.. so sad.. love the battle for abby between chad and cameron..

  5. From Moira

    Ok I will try to repost. It must have gone to wherever John is. The actor playing JJ has no chemistry. Theresa needs to open her mouth instead of barely moving her bottom lip. I am concerned about the “great find” for a recast of Will based on these. The physical therapist is made plain by oversized glasses and a ponytail? Thanks a lot. The writers of Jennifer have insulted her fan base. She was always a caring person and now all we see are the veins bulging out of her neck. Daniel has more patience with this absurd storyline than I do. Kristen can go and her story with Eric is tawdry even for a soap. John may have his quirks but his love story with Marlena does not ring true with their history. Adrienne better be the one to save Sami. Justin is spot on.

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