Days Of Our Lives Poll: Keeping Secrets.

Lying by omission.

Last week, Kristen evaded Brady and made a revelation to Jenn about the pregnancy test she purchased from the pharmacy. Kristen lied and told Jenn that she slept with a married man. Does she really know who the father is?

Vote in Soap Opera Fan Blog’s poll to let us know who you suspect the father is.

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- Kyle Jarmon

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  1. From Amy

    I have a odd feeling Kristen will get a false positive from that pregnancy test due to all her worry and she will not be pregnant. Wonder if she will pretend to be with that pregnancy box floating around though to keep Brady. That would be fun considering that Brady is boring.

  2. From bettyg

    The “Who’s The Father?” storyline has been used ad nauseum! Let Eric be the father and see what he decides to do when he finds out. Don’t make us keep guessing!

  3. From Janet

    I too think Eric should be the father (he is a Father after all) and I suppose that Kristen will go away (or fake her death) and come back with the baby later -which will cause a rift between Eric and Nicole and either get with Eric or Brady (I hope). I want her with Eric because I like Greg Vaughan (I also like actor playing Brady too) either is good.

  4. From aly

    do they think we are stupid? Kristen Dimera is WAY TOO OLD to get pregnant! geezus!

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