Days Of Our Lives Poll: Secret Allies.

More proof needed.

Last week, Victor and Marlena joined forces to take down Kristen. Marlena overheard Kristen saying that she had slept with someone other than Brady. Will Marlena be the one to reveal the secret?

Vote in Soap Opera Fan Blog’s poll to let us know if you think Marlena will tell Brady what she overheard.

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- Kyle Jarmon

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  1. From bettyg

    It won’t be Marlena or Victor, because Brady would be highly suspicious of anything they said. I think Kristen will goof up and let it slip, so I guess I should have voted for “other”.

  2. From Clear

    Had to Remove Your info BettyG to post.

    I am thinking Nicole will figure it out since she saw the test with Kristin.

    I want Sami out of jail- – tired of her not getting her just desserts with the mean prosecutor. Really dislike her considering ratting on her current fiancé too. Where did the razor go? Maybe Kristin could ask Fatha?

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