Days Of Our Lives Spoilers And Videos For August 26 – August 30.

Disturbing Dreams.

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Will and Gabi get into a huge fight when he discovers she’s been hanging out with Nick.

Daniel questions Kristen when she accidentally admits she has a secret. Meanwhile, Eric has a very disturbing dream…

JJ presents Jennifer with a difficult choice.

Sami makes a decision regarding the special prosecutor’s plea bargain.

Theresa and JJ bond over their family troubles.

Cameron makes a clean break with Abigail – and Chad quickly uses it to his advantage.

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- Kyle Jarmon

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  1. From Vivian

    WOW…up and running. Anyone notice how much Theresa looks like the 20-year-old Julie? Especially the “grin”? Not happy with the Kristin / Eric storyline…

  2. From joni

    I was thinking. Since I heard Kristin is leaving maybe this is how is plays out. She finds out she is preggers. Can’t tell anyone, decides motherhood is more important than any man, leaves town, but calls Marlena and tells her the truth, just to torment her and get her last digs. What can Marlena do? Every choice is wrong, even if she could find her and take the baby, what would that do to Eric? If she does nothing she denies her own grandchild. Just a thought……… Glad the board is up.

  3. From Vivian

    I’m waiting for Eric to start dreaming about what happened in that hotel room, not knowing it actually happened. JONI:I like you scenario for Kristin. Bunch are leaving-Nick, Vargas, Kristin, Will, Chad, anyone else I missed…that is alot of rewritting story lines….

  4. From CT Yankee

    Hate the Kristin/Eric/Brady storyline. I didn’t realize so many people were leaving, interesting!

  5. From Clear

    Hi everyone! So what will Sami’s deal be? Will Nicole get Brady back when Kristen’s gone. When will they bring the Bo character back? pQuestions and more questions.

    How could the book club not find out about the druggie’s donuts! Jennifer is such a wimpy character to believe JJ and not see what’s in front of her. Take her blinders off writers.

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