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Since Bill continues to ignore Katie as she begs him to sort out their problems, Brooke decides to throw herself between them once again. Since having Brooke between them was the problem in the first place, this doesn’t help. Katie blames her sister and the two of them bicker it up. Bill manages to avoid all of the arguing to make some slick, but risky, business moves to profit off all of the chaos.

Wyatt is thrilled when he hears that the Spencer house is going to be getting a little more crowded. Hope plans to move in with two brothers. She makes it clear to Wyatt that he has some pretty stiff competition so he gets busy trying to prove that he’s the man for her.

As Maya continues to beat herself up about sleeping with Carter and whether or not she should tell Rick, Raphael is looking for Caroline so he can blab the details to her. Rick’s life is already complicated. He and Caroline are sure that her new designs will blow everyone away and secure his position in the company. However, the Hope for the Future line is not greeted with a lot of applause. This puts Thorne and Thomas in a very celebratory mood though. They pressure Eric to fire Rick since his latest line is a flop.

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