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Caroline begs Rick to spend the night with her. When he refuses, she decides to get back at him by spilling the beans about Maya’s carnal night with Carter. Rick is shocked and dumps Maya instantly. She’s depressed. Lost and hurt, Rick wakes up the next day with something else to be confused about. Caroline is running around in his shirt and bragging about their relationship. Rick’s week continues on the down-slide as his business rivals keep demanding that he be dumped out of his position at Forrester. Thomas and Thorne tell Eric once again that he needs to give Rick the boot. Eric finally decides that it is time to choose who he can trust to guide the company.

Even with Wyatt cramping their style, Hope and Liam manage to reconnect. He does his best to romance her and Hope admits she can’t wait until they tie the knot. However, the problems in his family start to gnaw on her. Brooke and Bill have been loving it up, but she still has some pangs of guilt weighing her down. She turns to Katie, optimistic that they can repair the damage that has been done to their relationship. Katie isn’t exactly in a forgiving mood though. She chimes in with Wyatt to tell him about some of his father’s sleazier escapades. Realizing that his mom must have been right about Bill, he doesn’t waste any time before confronting him. Bill does not handle the criticism well and the men get violent.

Coming up soon… you can expect a whole lot more friction between Wyatt and Liam when the former decides to go into business with Hope. Liam is quick to tell his half-brother to back off but Wyatt claims the game is on until Hope has a ring on her finger. Meanwhile, Wyatt’s mother, Quinn, teams up with Katie and the two of them plan to make Dollar Bill’s life a living hell. Quinn won’t only be out for revenge either. She wreaks a different kind of havoc when she sets her sights on getting closer to Eric. At the same time, Brooke sticks close by Bill and comes up with a plan to prove how loyal she is to him.

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