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Stuck between a man and a woman, the same man and his brother, Hope decides it’s time to simplify things a little. She issues yet another ultimatum to Liam to settle things with Steffy. However, this is as much about her own doubts that she really wants to marry him as anything else. Wyatt continues to cast his shadow over the recently re-engaged couple. Because of this, Liam wants to get him out of the Spencer house but Bill will not allow it. He does his best to keep his two sons under control as they fight over Hope.

Donna finds herself in an awkward position as her sisters continue to face off over Bill. Katie’s second thoughts about rushing the divorce continue to haunt her. She decides to put Brooke and Bill to a test to see how they really feel about each other. She’s happy when Bill manages to pass, though he does his best to hide his lingering feelings for Brooke. However, his reunion with Katie will not be a smooth one. Meanwhile, Brooke takes off for Monte Carlo to promote her lingerie line.

With Rick and Caroline working closely together again, Maya starts to worry that her rival could pull ahead. Rick has other things that he should be more worried about, like the little coup that Thomas and Thorne are planning. They decide to work together to convince Eric that it is time to oust Rick from the top spot at Forrester Creations.

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