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Esther’s confused when Jill announces that Katherine is off doing everything on her bucket list. Jill has to further explain that a bucket list contains everything a person wants to do before they die. It’s not long before Jack and Lauren pull together to comfort Jill, who, with the help of Nikki, searches for answers in regards to Katherine’s letter.

Noah is stunned when Faith tells him that their mommy and daddy were sleeping together. Later, after Sharon asks Noah if everything is all right with Nick, Noah informs her that his father and Avery are getting married next Friday. Sharon isn’t the only one upset by this news. Faith is as well.

Lauren thinks it’s Jack who’s calling her, but it’s Carmine. He wonders if Lauren liked his gift. Meanwhile, Paul is determined to stop Michael from going after Carmine, but Michael warns Paul there’s nothing he can do to stop him.

Dylan and Chelsea bring their new baby home, and it’s not long after that Adam meets ‘his son’.

Plus, Lily starts to suspect there’s more to Hilary than meets the eye, and Victor is upset over Victoria and Billy’s reunion.

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  1. From LuvLane#1Couple

    I truly feel sorry for Jill. The chemistry she had with Katherine cannot be duplicated. Katherine will surely be be missed by all of us.

    As for Cane and Lily, Lily is getting a taste of her own medicine. Interesting how she can see right through Hillary, but not Tyler. It is going to be interesting to see what transpires next. Hillary is trying to get with Cane, but I truly don’t blame her. I think that she and Tyler are in this together. Hopefully, they will be found out soon. Love Lily, Cane, and the twins. Love Lane

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