The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary August 12 – 16.

Fen took a deal, Sharon took advantage of Avery’s absence, and Victor and Jack sparred over Summer…

Dylan delivered Chelsea’s son and they named him Terence Connor McAvoy. Chloe and Victoria had a run-in at the Club after Delia assumed Victoria and Billy were divorcing. Chloe urged Victoria to make up her mind and Victoria made a threat about Chelsea. Chloe got a text about the baby and went to see Chelsea. She ran into Adam and when he learned about the baby he was concerned considering how soon he was born. Chloe warned Chelsea that Adam knew and she fretted about Dylan learning the truth. Adam questioned Dylan about the baby while Chelsea argued with Anita.

Christine offered Fen a deal that gave him rehab instead of jail time and he took it. He wondered if his parents would trust him after he was out and they assured him he would have a clean slate. He offered them the same. Lauren got a text from Carmine saying she’ll never be free of him.

Billy told Victor he could make the rape charges against Adam go away for a price. Victor was amused by Billy’s attempt at blackmail and he told Victoria about it, and about him helping Melanie. Victoria told Billy to win her the right way – no lying and scheming. Billy went to Melanie and told her if she didn’t drop the charges, he’s the one who would lose everything. Victor offered Adam his full support but later called his investigators, sure Adam had an agenda. Adam sensed the father/son ship had sailed. Billy came up with a legitimate plan to win back Victoria. He set a romantic scene with wine and dinner, then presented an evening that reminisced over the good times in their relationship. She relented and took him back.

Sharon took full advantage of Avery’s continued absence to get closer to Nick. Nick told Sharon if she needed someone to be a compass, he would like to be that guy. Adam asked Sharon to be a character witness but Nick convinced her that wouldn’t be right. Sharon worried about her time and date stamp on her DMV photo but Cassie appeared and urged her not to panic. Nick was stuck with them when the storm hit and they had a cozy evening. Avery saw them get close.

Jack moped about Phyllis and thought of relapsing. Later, he commiserated with Summer but she ran off after an awkward run-in with Kyle. Victor and Jack fought about Summer and Nick sided with Jack.

Cane accused Lily of being jealous of Hilary, which led to a fight. He urged her to not let the blogger get in their heads. Meanwhile, Abby and Tyler’s relationship progressed. Devon admitted that getting Tyler fired was all about Lily but he refused to apologize for it. Lily and Tyler discussed Hilary’s possible agenda and wondered what her endgame was. Hilary continued to impress Cane. Later, he caught her looking at Neil’s confession on the GC Buzz website. Hilary’s laptop wallpaper was later revealed to be of Rose. Neil went to the station with his story about Rose’s death. Alex wondered how the blogger knew about it, so Neil emailed the blogger looking for a meeting. He realized the blogger must be Rose’s daughter Ann and was determined to track her down in London.

Katherine’s family was invited to her house for her homecoming as the storm rolled in. As they arrived they realized their postcard invites were from all over the world.

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