The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary August 5 – 9.

Neil was hypnotized, Fen faced jail time, and Dylan and Chelsea got married…

Noah told Nick something seemed off with Sharon. When Sharon joined Nick and Faith for breakfast, Nikki arrived and warned Nick not to trust Sharon. Nick ignored Nikki, and over talk of Summer and Jack, Sharon advised Nick to back away from Summer. Later, Summer appeared and told Nick and Sharon about the lipstick found in the stairwell that wasn’t Phyllis’. Nick wondered if someone else had been there with Phyllis.

The blogger posted more accusations about Cane and Hilary’s relationship. Hilary silently disagreed with Jill, who warned she’d be nothing more than Cane’s assistant. Meanwhile, Lily became irked by Tyler and Abby’s closeness, and Hilary witnessed Lily’s upset. Devon admitted to Tyler that he’d been wrong and offered him his job back. Tyler declined and explained he’d moved on. Across town, Cane received a postcard from Katherine, who was on vacation with Murphy.

Neil admitted to Lily and Devon that he met Rose years ago then agreed to be hypnotized. He remembered spending time with Rose in a motel room before she passed out then waking up in the hallway. It had been a week after Dru died and the same night Rose died.

Michael wanted to cut a deal when Paul informed that Fen would receive maximum jail time for stealing drugs. Fen admitted he’d lied about Carmine. In an undisclosed place, Carmine smiled while reading about Fen’s charges.

Leslie took Adam’s case, as he admitted to having slept with Melanie but denied raping her. Billy was furious to learn Melanie accused Adam of rape, having been accused himself, and demanded she retract her statement. Melanie refused. Billy taped Adam offering Melanie money to make the charges go away then taunted Victor with the recording. Vikki was suspicious of Billy’s involvement but allowed him to see Johnny.

Chelsea experienced pains and had the doctor stop her labor, not wanting Dylan to realize the baby wasn’t his. Dylan wanted to marry Chelsea before the baby was born. Soon they were pronounced husband and wife, and not long after that Chelsea went into labor again.

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