Days Of Our Lives Poll: Marriage Made In Heaven.

Discovering a secret.

Kristen is closely guarding the secret about having sex with Eric. Marlena and Victor recently joined forces after Brady announced that he and Kristen were getting married. Marlena and Victor are determined to keep the wedding from happening by figuring out Kristen’s secret. Is it possible someone will discover Kristen’s secret first and stop the wedding?

Vote in Soap Opera Fan Blog’s poll to let us know who you think will stop Kristen and Brady’s wedding.

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  1. From dc

    yep, i can see brady calling the wedding off..
    i am just hoping that brady does not find out that kristen slept with eric just to get back at marlena but then again that would be a good reason for brady to cancel the wedding..

  2. From dc

    something else i have been pondering..
    i read where chandler massey (aka will) is leaving the show. what i am wondering is how they are gonna write him out..
    does anyone know???

  3. From babs

    It would be so much better for the storyline if Brady and Kristen get married. Think of all the possibilities. I hope Stefano does not get back at EJ He is like a cat with nine lives and I think he has used them up. I’m so sorry that Chandler Massey is leaving the show. Big mistake.

  4. From kay McElearney

    Time for Stefano to leave the show. Permeately.

  5. From Kat

    Chandler is leaving the show, but the character of Will .. will go on with a replacement.

    I enjoy watching Kristin, much better than watching Jennifer any day. Kristin brings “It” to the show, Jenn and Dan, “not again”… please…
    The way Stefano has been written lately, he might be on his way out,
    but I will miss his character, he brought spice to the show.

    3 babs, I agree, I would love to see Kristin and Brady get married, maybe get prego, whatever, but unfortunately Eileen Davidson wants to leave DOOL.
    Poor Nicole, her Sl these days has her reduced to being nothing but a meddling person, sticking her nose into every body’s business, wanted or not, in the name of, being their friend.
    She needs to get a life again, I do not enjoy watching her anymore, and all those grim/stupid faces she makes all the time.. and her Bun/hair do makes her look like an old Prune…
    She is a beautiful women, let her show it..
    Do any of you think, the Comment line will ever open up again…

  6. From Cougar

    Hey Kat, I ure wish the old comment line would reopen but seems they have let it go terminal for a very long time. I too would get a kick out of seeing Brady make the colossal mistake of marrying Kristen. It would be deliciouse seeing her run rings around Brady putting out the fires she starts with her lies of deciption. Pretending to be a good person and some who you aren’t is sooo much work. Also enjoy seeing JJ get his just deserts. Who says the next bad seed that we need to replace Sammy with has to be female! However, Teresa is filling that bill very nicely! She and JJ are truely a pair. By the by what is to become of VArgas is now out of the picture toot sweet like the got rid of our old favorite fellon Dr.Dick?

  7. From Kat

    6 cougar, good to hear from you. Hope all is well with you.
    I still wish Dr. Dick would come back….
    wonder if Vargas ever misses his money, does Teresa still have it…
    JJ, wow, what a character, hope it will come out, that he started dealing drugs back in England, and he is No innocent. He is a “Dope Pusher” and a user, but we all know, Soap protocol, he will get off somehow, and it will be all somebody elses fault.. ha, ha.
    They sure changed Stefano’s character, not to likeable anymore. I know he was always bad, but there for a while, with Kate… I did enjoy him and her….

  8. From Cougar

    Thank you dor asking, I am well. My mother-in-law passed from alzheimers this past month. My husband and I have been distracted with the usual things associated with the horrible end that comes in the final months and settling the estate that follows. Dont be sorry for her passing. We are happy for her knowing that her struggle s over and she is at peace in ou Lords arms.

    I too miss the Kate and Stephano pairing, they were greaat together the queen of mean with archenemy DiMira. She brought out the softer side in him and was a great mistake to break them up.

    Watching Days os I type love the “prison notes” that EJ and Sami are passing between each other. Better than any love scene that they could put on the screen. Now, THATS roamnce! Rasp!

  9. From Lady Bug

    Why does Brady keep saying Eric is his brother? His parents are John and Isabella and Eric’s are Marlena and Roman.

  10. From Gus

    10 / Ladybug… I thought the same the other day. I do remember right around the time the Secret Room storyline happenend, Marlena & John were together with Eric, Sami, Brady and Carrie. Remember, Roman was thought dead at the time so they were acting as a blended family since Anna, Carrie’s mom was also awol, somewhere in Europe. So, in a sense, yes, Eric & Brady are brothers in the way that they were raised together. Hope that helps.

  11. From Gus

    Basic thoughts: Stefano & Kate together: Win! / Dimeras feuding against Kiriakis :Yes please! / Jen & Danny, Nicole beating the holy crap out of Kristen and wrapping up the Salem Stoner Club: Uh-huh! And finaly, I CRAVE one of those 80′s or 90′s crazy storylines like Aremid, Maison Blanche, Melaswen, Queen of the Night, Salem Slasher, The Crystal Piramids or even Princess Gina Saga… GOD ALMIGHTY I YEARN FOR A CRAZY ADVENTURE STORYLINE! HELL, ILL EVEN TAKE GRETA & AUSTIN IN VIRTUAL EDEN AGAIN AT THIS POINT!

  12. From babs

    I hope Victor and Doc fall on their faces I really want Kristin and Brady to get married that would be so great. The writers would have a field day.

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