Days Of Our Lives Poll: Planting Evidence.

Supreme scheme.

On Friday’s episode, Marge Bernardi took the stand at Sami’s trial. Justin asked her how the money ended up in her son Timmy’s bank account if her husband wasn’t crooked. Marge stated that she believed that the money was planted. We know that EJ planted the money to show that Bernardi was a dirty cop and to help Sami. Will EJ’s scheme be discovered?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know if you think what EJ did will hurt or help Sami.

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- Kyle Jarmon

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  1. From dc

    stefano will step in with the evidence they need for sami (he had it all along). now, he will get the upper hand on ej again..
    i just wonder who he had get the razor. i read where it was a nurse (who is now missing, go figure)..
    from what i am reading this week and next week are really gonna be good ones.. can’t wait!!

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