Days Of Our Lives Poll: Pre-Cana Shock.


Last week, Marlena assisted Eric in trying to find out why he keeps having these memory flashes by hypnotizing him. Eric remembered that the woman in his flashes was a blond and felt like he knew her. During pre-cana, Brady told Kristen that memories of her preying on him still hurt and Eric began having flashes of when he was at the hotel and jumped up staring at Kristen. Is it possible he remembered that Kristen was the woman he slept with? What will happen if Eric remembers?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what Eric will do if he remembers.

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- Kyle Jarmon

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  1. From Eric Payne

    It’s pretty obvious Eric IS going to remember the sex — but he’s going to think “the blonde” was Nicole… and the guilt Nicole has been feeling is the reason she’s become distant and considering changing jobs.

  2. From Evelyn

    I think Kristen’s plans are finally
    starting to unravel; my question is this: when is Brady finally going to realize who she really is? For a minute there, when they were breaking up, I thought John had succeeded in showing him how, although adopted, bonafide DiMera she really is, but he took her back! I’m like, huh?

  3. From bettyg

    I agree with Eric #1–Father Eric will think it was Nicole he had sex with, because Nicole has been acting so standoffish lately. Only the flashdrive will save her, so who the heck has it?

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