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Wyatt is looking forward to reaping the fruit from his new partnership with Hope. It’s not just the money he’s looking forward to getting his hands on either. Liam fumes about the fact that his half-brother now has another excuse to weasel his way closer to Hope. She does her best to assure her jealous fiance that he’s got nothing to worry about, but it could take a lot more than meditating to get him to cool off.

Quinn and Katie have a meeting. At the end of it, they agree to be allies against Bill. The new lady in the mix is sending out some icy vibes. Donna and Pam do not like the look of her at all. While they worry about their new competition, Bill is busy blowing his stack when he gets wind of what Katie plans to do with Will. Brooke tries to change her sister’s mind and throws apologies her way. While Katie is not exactly opening up to her sister’s pleas, the tension melts between Bill and Wyatt. They decide to give being a family another shot.

Carter tries to pull out all of the stops as he romances Maya. He brings out the candles and champagne to woo her. He even tries impressing her with his big new ideas for the next season of “Room 8.” As she’s listening to him, Rick is busy bending Liam’s ear about how much his love life sucks. He feels torn between two women. Meanwhile, Thomas and Thorne have something more substantial to be upset about. They can’t believe that Eric sided with Rick and agreed to let him keep his position as the president of Forrester Creations.

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  1. From Phil

    The writers need to put a stop to Brooke. She is nasty. What kind of sister is she? What kind of mother is she? The writers are making the show to appear like “white trash.” Brooke screwing her sister’s husband is close to incest, and why would you want to promote that kind of a story line. And Bill treated Hope like dirt, and now Hope’s mother says she loves him. Shame, shame, shame. I really hope the writers turn Katie into a strong, strong woman. I hope they turn her into a power house. A power house with ethics.

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