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As Carter is gushing to Maya about his mushy feelings for her, Rick is offering Liam a proverbial shoulder to cry on as he whines about Wyatt winding him up over Hope. Liam attempts to stop his insecurities from overwhelming him by flat-out questioning his half-brother. The men get into it. Hope eventually pops up and assures them both that she is the one who will be making the final choice.

Seeing that Bill’s family is a mess, Brooke turns to Wyatt and attempts to encourage him to heal the rift with Bill. She gives Bill a little push too and the men seem to get on better. Unfortunately for her, it’s not so easy where her own family is concerned. This only gets worse thanks to Katie teaming up with Quinn. When Brooke tries once again to fix things with her sister, Katie blows up at her and then heads out of town.

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