The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary August 26 – 30.

Katherine’s letter led Jill to the Chancellor safe, Melanie dropped the charges against Adam, and Lily was disturbed by a photo of Cane and Hilary…

Many read Katherine’s letters of instruction for her memorial. Katherine instructed Cane to take care of Jill and led Jill to find a drawing of Katherine in the mansion’s safe. Another clue led Jill to the name of one of Katherine’s dead husbands, Gary Reynolds. Nikki appeared most disturbed by Katherine’s letter, which brought up a past secret. Meanwhile, Adam urged Victor to go after Chancellor Industries. Victor said he’d consider it if Adam revealed who his secret investor was. Adam told Victor he was done dealing with his lack of trust then went to Jack, his private investor, for help in making Victor pay. Victor privately decided to bug Adam’s office, car and house.

Melanie admitted to Chelsea that Adam didn’t rape her. Paul shared the news with Adam that Melanie had dropped the charges against him. Adam thanked Chelsea for calling Paul with Melanie’s admission and didn’t know how to repay her. Chelsea asked for Adam to simply stay away from her and the baby. Later, Connor’s pediatrician told Chelsea and Dylan that the baby had retinitis pigmentosa, which was inherited by a parent, and could go blind.

Hilary instructed Mason to photoshop a picture of her and Cane. Meanwhile, Lily told Devon about her suspicions where Hilary was concerned. They showed Cane the blogger’s photo, and when Hilary saw Cane and Lily kissing, Devon confronted her about her plan not working. Hilary denied any wrongdoing and accepted Cane’s apology for the blogger’s latest post. Lily privately told Cane that she thought Hilary was the blogger. Cane agreed to stage a fight then pretend to be interested in Hilary. Later, after receiving the past company call-logs Neil asked Mason if he knew Anne Turner. Mason denied knowing her.

Vikki walked in on Chloe kissing Billy’s injured thumb, after Delia had ‘asked Mommy to kiss Daddy’s boo-boo’. Vikki trusted Billy and wasn’t upset. Across town, Nick, Jack and Victor argued over Summer, which made her want to leave Genoa City. Summer accepted Jack’s offer to fly her to spend some time with Daniel.

Carmine broke into Lauren and Michael’s apartment. Michael and Lauren arrived and smelled gas. Carmine knocked out Michael and planned to kill himself and Lauren. Though Michael regained consciousness, and Lauren almost shot Carmine, Paul arrived and arrested the crazed man. Carmine vowed to never stop loving Lauren.

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