The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary September 16 – 20.

Jack confessed to Victor, Dylan took Connor, and Paul had news for Nikki…

Jack admitted he partnered with Adam to help him make Victor proud by returning Newman to the family. Victor lashed out at Adam for his betrayal. Adam blamed Victor and Newman for the loss of his wife and son. Victor softened at the news about Connor, but Adam banished Victor from his life. Jack and Victor continued arguing over Summer, who became upset and felt as though she was a bargaining chip between them.

Nick and Avery parted ways, due to her lingering feelings for Dylan. Across town, Noah confronted Sharon about being off her meds. She reassured Noah and remained determined to reunite with Nick. Meanwhile, Dylan refused to help Chelsea fight against Adam and demanded a divorce. During a storm, Dylan flashed back to watching his military buddy die and privately vowed to protect Connor. Chelsea found Dylan and Connor gone and realized, due to the thunder, Dylan thought he was back in the war. Adam learned his son was missing, and after having found a clue at Avery’s, realized Dylan went to his father’s cabin. Avery reached Dylan first with Adam and Chelsea close behind. Dylan finally realized what he’d done and handed the baby back to Adam and Chelsea. Later, while Avery vowed to be there for Dylan, Adam ordered Chelsea to pack a bag and planned to take the baby home with him.

Devon admitted to Mason he’d inherited billions, and Cane and Lily continued with their plan to fool Hilary. Lily warned Hilary to stay away from Cane then filled Neil in on Hilary being Anne. Hilary drugged Cane’s drink and had Mason post a photo of them together in bed. Later, Cane told Lily he’d spit out the champagne and taped Hilary and Mason’s conversation on his cell.

Paul discovered the number Katherine left Nikki was for a dead attorney named Scott Goodwin. Nikki and Paul traveled to the church where Nikki gave birth and met with a nun who had dementia but had been there when she’d delivered her child. The nun remembered Nikki delivered a son, who had been adopted by someone in the church’s congregation. Meanwhile, Jill planned to contest Katherine’s will until Michael found ‘Geneva, Switzerland’ written on the jewelry box. Jill planned a trip to follow the latest clue Katherine left behind.

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  1. From Luvlane#1

    I Love Cane and I love Lane.
    It will be interesting to see how Hillary is connected to the Winters. Previously they talked about her being connected to Tyler as well as Gus.

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